The US blocks anti-Israel UN resolutions

The administration of the tramp is fighting for the rights not only of persecuted believers around the world, but Israel – especially the United Nations. This “CBN News” said Nikki Haley, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN.

In regard to support for Israel, it is hardly possible to find a more zealous defender of it than Nikki Haley. This feature was demonstrated on Monday evening at a meeting with influential Evangelical organization “Christians United for Israel.”

“Let me tell you: at the UN a new era. Now every country knows that the United States would not just block the anti-Israel decisions — we will shed light on those who are responsible for them. No more favors for those who is bullying Israel to the United Nations!” said Nikki Haley.

The work of Haley, the UN marked the unconditional support of Israel. In an interview, “CBN News,” she was pleased that her efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Even skeptical members of the UN begin to take anti-Israeli terrorist group Hamas for what it is.

“The fact that we were the first to get the majority of the General Assembly to recognize that Hamas is the problem — it’s a fantastic victory,” said Haley.

Win Haley believes and what kind of support do Evangelical Christians have to Israel for decades.

“When I see the anti-Semitism, the persecution to which the Jews are around the world, you feel compassion for them. It’s good people who are trying to live well by staying in such a dangerous region. And I think it is understood in the organization “Christians United for Israel,” she says.

While Haley identifies some of the organs of the United Nations and their questionable decisions.

“The Council for human rights is a farce!” says Haley.

She got to him, calling him a “hypocritical organization.”

“We said: “you Have serious violations of human rights!” It Venezuela and Iran where people are protesting against his regime, that of Nicaragua. And they do nothing about it!” she says.

But the phrase “doing nothing” does not belong to the vocabulary of most Haley.

“Every day I wear body armor, because I know that you will fight. Just every day I struggle with something else,” — says Haley.

Often in this daily agenda: Iran, Russia and North Korea. Do you think that they understand that denuclearization is for the United States?

“I think North Korea understands this. They just don’t like to hear it. We’re not going to ease the sanctions. And we won’t do welcome any statements until we see actions that support their word of denuclearization. I think they should review their behavior,” says Nikki Haley.

As for the Russian front, it supported the negotiations of President of trump with Vladimir Putin, even alone, despite the criticism.

“Trump did it with Kim Jong-UN. He did this with other leaders such as the Chairman of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping. This is his way of doing things. He feels that he can get more from them, if you meet one on one. It’s his style. The President works. It is impossible to get to the end of the other hand, if you don’t keep that kind of talk,” continues Haley.

Despite the apparent friendliness of communication with Russia, Haley clearly States: “We do not trust Russia! We do not trust Putin! And never will! They will never be our friends! It’s a fact!”

Iran also falls into this category, especially after its President Hassan Rouhani warned Americans that the “war with Iran will be the mother of all wars”.

“Iran has sought or received its legitimacy rhetoric. The Iranians simply intimidated the Europeans and everyone else who was involved in a deal with Iran, what they can do. We will not yield!” says Haley.

The world is indeed a dangerous place, and he makes Nikki Haley to hold to the faith.

“We just have to continue to do our part, and we must be faithful to yourself, your values, faithfulness to what we believe and not compromise. And I believe that in the end we will succeed”, says Nikki Haley.

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