The US state Department spoke in support of autocephaly in Ukraine

The building of the state Department in the United States

The United States declared its respect for the possibilities of Ukrainian believers to go through autocephaly.

The United States supports the supporters of the autocephaly in Ukraine, and I think Patriarch Bartholomew is the voice of tolerance. On 25 September, said the official U.S. state Department spokesman Heather Noiret.

“The United States respects the ability of Orthodox religious leaders and believers of Ukraine to follow the path of autocephaly in accordance with their beliefs. We respect the Ecumenical Patriarch as the voice of religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue”, – is spoken in the statement published on the state Department website.

The United States supports Ukraine, which, according to Neurath, “outlines his own path and makes its own decisions and associations, free from external interference”.

While the report notes that the US “strongly supports the freedom of religion, including the freedom of group members to manage their religion in accordance with their beliefs and to freely practice their faith without interference from the government”.

As reported by PWC, in mid-September, the US was visited by the head of the UOC-KP Filaret. During the visit, he vstrechalas representatives of the American authorities, and also thanked for the US support Fanara strive to provide Ukraine with the Tomos of autocephaly.

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