The USA is out of the Council for human rights of the UN because of the “bashing Israel”

The USA is out of the Council for human rights of the UN. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Tuesday. This is one of the signs that the administration trump does not believe that the organization fulfils its functions.

“The Council for human rights was an example of shameless hypocrisy, in which the worst violations of human rights remain unaddressed, and the main offenders are in the Council”, — explained the decision of the United States Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“When the so-called Council for human rights an rights violations in Venezuela or Iran and welcomes their members to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it ceases to be worthy of the name. In addition, the question remains constant bias towards Israel,” commented Nikki Haley, U.S. representative to the UN.

Pompeo and Hayley said that the UN body has become a means of bashing Israel.

“Constant biased attitude of the Council towards Israel are well documented and widely known. Since its creation, the Council adopted more resolutions against Israel than against all other countries combined,” said Mike Pompeo.

Hillel Neuer of “UN Watch” said that the Council unfairly allocates Israel for criticism and condemnation, which you do not see other countries.

“At each session of the Council for human rights is the day for Israel. There is a day to consider the situation on human rights around the world and another day just for Israel. They specifically contribute to the agenda of the so-called “Israeli violations”. In their agenda there is no point of genocide in Darfur or North Korea, where most human rights are violated. But in Israel there is a separate item on the agenda. They want to demonize Israel,” said Hillel Neuer.

Haley said the US is ready to return to the Council if the situation changes.

“We will continue to advocate for reform of the Council for human rights. If these reforms are successful, we will be happy to join him,” said Nikki Haley.

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