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25th anniversary of one of the congregations of the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists in Russia — a joyous event, pleasant, but not too rare. In the 90-ies of the last century, when the country breathed the first SIP of freedom, including the religious, it became possible to open the preaching of the gospel, the Bible was available, people turned to faith and new communities arise annually in dozens of cities. Here is the second municipality of the city of Yoshkar-Ola noted on Saturday September 15 of his 25 years of service to God and people. And to tell you about this anniversary is because we will talk about the Church-the founder of the famous newspaper “the Hidden Treasure” which is created here in Yoshkar-Ola, and is distributed in almost all cities of Russia.

“Probably the Church will not be suitable for many machines, says my friend, when my bus stop, heading for the coveted address. Today to worship, to gather together all three yescarolina of the Church.” But, going to a beautiful red brick building with a sign”, 17″, we can see that the gates freely. Although a lot of people are in the courtyard, talking animatedly, smile, welcome, hug or respectfully when shaking hands. On the facade of the building displays photographs reflecting the 25 year history of the Church. A separate stand — with pictures of the families of the pastors. In time gave way to seven.

Inside the building in Protestant just a pulpit for the preacher, on the walls framed quotes from the Bible. In vases floral arrangements. A special festive atmosphere for the holiday inflated balloons: a noble combination of white and gold. People sit on wooden benches that seem to be dimensionless, because when you enter each new person the parishioners are trying to move over and invited to sit down. Closely. Benches are even in the hallway. The balcony also Packed with people to failure. Young people are not even trying to sit down: stand in groups in the hallway and on the stairs.

The service begins with a greeting and prayer from the pulpit in Russian and Mari languages. About half of the members are representatives of the indigenous nationality of the Republic of Mari El. And although all speak and understand Russian, but native culture is respected. Perhaps this explains the rather large number of people who came from rural areas.

Everything goes on as usual: the choir, a congregational song throughout the hall, the Sabbath school lesson. But here comes the special excitement. Appear on the screen the slides of the presentation, telling about the history and Ministry of the Church. And here you begin to understand that this community is unusual is the scale of his Ministry.

Built a house of worship, then the building of the editorial office. Established four media: Newspapers “the Hidden Treasure”, “keys to health”, youth newspaper “7D format” and children’s magazine “Wonderful pages”, distributed throughout the country. The Church is active in social work. Church members organized cleanups in the city. The program “Good hands” provides the poor with food, clothing and free services. Every year in Central Park for the exhibition “Health”, attended by more than a hundred citizens. Annually hosts a gospel program that introduces everyone to the basic teachings of the Bible. Children of secondary school by type of family learning, where learning 26 people. Recently, the members established a public organization — a Health education center’s “Keys to health” and opened a health food store and cafe “Lentils”, which actively popularitywith the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

All this Ministry of the Church, which is called “Waiting” carries with two other Yescarolina churches, and this unity is, without a doubt, the reason for the success of God’s people in Yoshkar-Ola.

Despite the fact that seventh-day Adventists in the Mari El Republic represented only a small fraction of a percent of the total population in the city know. To congratulate the Church with the anniversary came the representative of the Ministry of culture of the Republic. And another guest — the pastor of the Church of Christians of Evangelical faith confessed that the first time with the biblical message of the gospel met at the Adventist program.

But in the eyes of some audience tear up. On screen, demonstrate a video message, which sent the first pastor, Peter A. fotin. “Remember how when it happened, my wife said “We are your father and mother”? We admired the zeal you began to serve God, and to this day, watching your successes, rejoice that you are with the same zeal to serve and teach this to your children and new members of the Church.”

It becomes clear that the tradition of active service laid in this Church from the first day of its existence. But finally, I would like to ask the current pastor of the congregation: “what’s the secret that your Church is actively picks up new projects?”

“This secret is not exactly in me, the secret is in the people — smiling pastor Sergey Pavlyuk. — I have served in small towns and in the metropolis. Arriving in Yoshkar-Ola, it was very nice to feel that the Church supports all your undertakings, and she leaves the initiative to new projects. The people here are not very educated and not rich, they’re just taught to prioritize. And, in fact, we’re not doing anything unusual. We’re just running an errand for God. Because the Church is created to serve. Not everything turns out as we would like. Many shortcomings we have, but we strive for the best.”

After the service leave the Church in high spirits with friends. They promised to drive by car.

— Where’s the car? — I stopped in disbelief and I remember how the morning was surprised by the small number of cars in front.

— Parking is small. My brothers in advance was distributed, and who will deliver the car to in front of the Church to leave space for guests, says pastor Elijah and indicates that Parking on a nearby street.

Truly, the God of the Bible is a God of order. Maybe planning and organization is another secret of success…

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