The Vatican called for a ban of nuclear weapons

The representative of the Roman Catholic Church urged to abandon nuclear test

Peace between peoples and stability can’t be based on mutual assured destruction, said the representative of the Vatican.

At the UN Assembly in new York on the occasion of International day for the total elimination of nuclear weapons, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, called to free the world from nuclear nightmare. It is reported by Vatican Radio.

“We don’t have to come to terms with the idea that the current threats to international peace and security do not allow for nuclear disarmament, stressed the Vatican hierarchy. – Nuclear weapons makes the world more dangerous.”

The representative of the RCC noted that the policy of nuclear weapons “contrary to the spirit and purposes of the United Nations” because “the peace between peoples and stability can’t be based on mutual assured destruction or the threat of annihilation”.

In this regard, the Archbishop urged States to accede to “a Treaty banning nuclear weapons”, and to support the entry into force of the “Agreement on the complete prohibition of nuclear tests” to stop the development of even more deadly weapons.

Earlier, the Archbishop of Gallagher, speaking at a session of the General Assembly UNO, once again voiced a strong protest to the Vatican against the death penalty.

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