The Vatican criticized the “prosperity gospel” – Your Bible

The Catholic journal, approved by the Vatican, so that is its (the Vatican) official mouthpiece, struck with angry criticism of the “prosperity gospel”, describing it as “different and dangerous”.

It is reported IN the LIGHT.

Approved by the Vatican journal attacked the Evangelical preachers of the “prosperity gospel” that teaches that God wants Christians were rich, according to Christian Today. Published yesterday, the article in La Civilta Cattolica was written by Antonio J. spadaro, who met a Jesuit priest, and Marcelo Figueroa, a Protestant pastor from Argentina. In the article “the prosperity gospel: another” they say “based on “gospel of prosperity” is the belief that “God wants his followers lived a prosperous life, that is, they were wealthy, healthy and happy. This type of Christianity puts the welfare of the believer into the center of the prayer and makes God the Creator in someone Who embodies the thoughts and desires of believers in reality.

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