The victims of the Syrian war is helping the Israeli army and Christians

In Syria, government troops backed by Russian aircraft beat off the territory from the rebels. These hostilities pose a great humanitarian crisis from the Syrian border. However, the Israelis see this as an opportunity to serve their neighbors. They receive assistance from one of Christian service.

The Syrian army took over areas along its borders with Israel and Jordan, and also at the main border crossing with Jordan. In the course of this lasting more than seven years of civil war, thousands of civilians of Syria caught in the crossfire.
Behind me, the Israeli-Syrian border, and on the other side of the fence are thousands of Syrians who fled from recent fighting. According to UN estimates, have been displaced more than three hundred thousand people.
These footage shows a sea of new tents. The army of defence of Israel has extended a helping hand to those who settled here.

“Our main mission is to provide as much humanitarian assistance to the other party. We do this first of all because we understand what is happening on the other side of the border. We know that these people have nothing, they suffer a great deal. Therefore, we cannot stand by and do nothing. I think we all realize that is necessary to help others in need. They are our neighbors from the other side,” says the chief medical officer of the IDF, the Golan heights.

A former IDF Lieutenant Colonel Marco Moreno, Director of the FAI Israel have developed this policy of good-neighbourly relations a few years ago. Now he works with one Christian organization coordinating operations with the IDF.

“We in the organization of FAI Israel, are now working hard to direct in a refugee camp with a team of doctors who will provide them with medical care. If nothing is done, then a few days will spread disease, especially among children, so FAI Israel acts very quickly. In addition to the medical teams we send to camp tents, baby food and other necessities,” he says.

They have to hurry to save lives.

“It is urgent to solve the problems of displaced persons and refugees on the ground, for now, the hottest months of the year. So, in view of dehydration, starvation and medical problems, we see a growing humanitarian crisis. But now it’s time to act faithful. The door is open. We have access to”, says Thomas Dalton, President and founder of FAI:

According to Thomas, they need help: “We need people. We need those who will be salt and light on this earth. So if you are a doctor, teacher, psychologist or similar profile, then we need you. This field is ripe and ready for harvest.”

This crisis has created a unique partnership.

“If I were an American who loves and bless Israel, I would be proud of the fact that AOI helps Muslims along with Christian Ministry,” shared Marco Moreno.

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