His suffering turned into the Ministry. He was kidnapped, imprisoned and beaten, but he never ceased to pray. Now the story of the man encouraging the Church to withstand the persecution. Perhaps few know who Richard Wurmbrand, but many have heard about his Ministry. “The voice of the martyrs” support the persecuted Church. And for the next two Sundays, the organization asks churches to pray for Christians suffering for their faith. This Ministry also released a video which tells the story of Richard Wurmbrand.

“29 February 1948 in Romania on the street stole one pastor. He disappeared for 14 years and was subjected to terrible torture for refusing to renounce Christ. But in the midst of this suffering he witnessed the incredible power of the love of Christ” — so begins the film based on the writings of Richard Wurmbrand.

“Three years after the arrest I was held in solitary confinement. From this anybody could go crazy. The Martyr Savonarola wrote: “There are believers in God, is equally sincere believers that they are believers”. So, I had to figure out if I believe in God, the actor says the words of Richard Wurmbrand. — My wife Sabina was also arrested. My son Michael was left an orphan. The next 18 months Sabina has been in a labor camp on the Danube.
In this the darkest period of my whole hope was prayer. Of course, in prison to pray banned. Despite the beating, I prayed every day. I prayed that God give me the strength to endure. And, of course, I prayed for protection for his family.
Me so often and so severely beaten on his legs that I will never be able to walk normally.
“I wish that crocodile ate a human, but I in no way can blame the crocodile.” I have learned to bless their tormentors. Communism deprived them of the human form, and only the love of God can they take him back.”

“Pray all the time? Idiot! Arrested your wife, your son of an orphan, your life is over, and you all pray to their imaginary God. What do you pray?” — turns to him one of the men.

“I have prayed for your salvation. I hated sin, but sinners — never, and some I even got to Christ,” answered the Martyr.

Jesus said: “But I tell you: love your enemies and pray for them that persecute you.”

Pray for prisoners.
And their persecutors.

Two Sundays, 4 and 11 November, “the voice of the martyrs” calls the faithful to remember the persecuted Church. To learn how your Church can participate, visit cbnnews.com.

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