The water is ours, not yours: Chapter Braila tried to disrupt the prayer of the clergy of the UOC

“The water is ours, not yours,” said the head of the village Council Brailovsky clergy of the UOC

Near Vinnitsa, the head of the village Council prevented the priests of the UOC to conduct rite of blessing the water for Baptism, on the grounds that “no one gave them the law.”

19 January, on the feast of the Epiphany in the village. Brailiv near Vinnitsa village head tried to disrupt the clergy of the UOC of the traditional Epiphany blessing of water, which is held annually on the waters near the sugar factory and power plant. This is the website of the Vinnytsia diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As reported in the diocese, 19 January at 12:00 Archpriest Michael stets began to sanctify the water from the sugar factory. During the consecration, the pond appeared Brailovsky village head Resident Valery, accompanied by a schismatic priest Leonid from the neighboring village.

Before the end of the prayer service, the officer started bullying against the cleric and began to shout into the microphone that father Michael had not come invited, to call it “Moscow priest”.

After 14 hours V. D. Resident appeared beside another pond near the plant, where the consecrated water, Archpriest Rostislav Shemesh. This time the village head was accompanied by a priest ptsu Sergei from the village of Zhmerinka.

Together, they tried not to allow the priest to finish the consecration, in particular, shouting: “the water is ours, not yours”, “who gave you the right to the consecration of water in reservoirs.”

Action village head has caused outrage Orthodox community of Braila. In Vinnytsia diocese is concerned that in a secular state, representative government allows itself to interfere in purely ecclesiastical matters, besides making it ostentatiously in the calling and insulting manner.

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