In the White house there is a religious revival! One of the most powerful men in America gather weekly to learn more about the Word of God. Let’s see how trump’s office is studying the Bible. These classes will be included in the story!

The current Cabinet is called the gospel in history. Here men and women who are not shy to talk about their faith in God and the Bible. They were all carefully chosen by President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

“This is a godly person whom God has exalted in our society,” says Ralph Drollinger, founder of the Ministry “Capitol”.

He is a former NBA player of tremendous growth and even greater calling. Ralph Drollinger founded a Ministry “Capitol”, considering that, if you change the hearts of legislators, then their Christian worldview will guide them on the correct policy. Ralph organized a study of the Bible already in forty the capitals of the States, conducts weekly classes in the House of representatives and the Senate, and now began to hold weekly Bible studies for about a dozen members of the Cabinet of President trump. Among regular listeners, Secretary of health Tom Price, Minister of energy Rick Perry, Minister of education Betsy DeVos and the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo.

“This is the best lesson in the Bible study that I taught in my life. All very obedient, attentive and well-read, he says. — I do not think that the Cabinet of the President of America studied the Bible, at least the last hundred years.”

Chief law enforcement of America, the attorney General Jeff sessions, also attends these sessions.

“Jeff sessions after school in front of the camera says something of what I taught them in that day, says Ralph Drollinger. — I think these people are very sincere and open-minded. And they come to class to study the Bible every week when they are in town.”

President trump also invited to attend this Bible study. Every week, he receives training allowance of Drollinger. Wherever possible classes are trying to visit and Vice-President Mike Pence. In the Pens, Drollinger sees the resemblance to such biblical characters as Joseph, Mordecai and Daniel, all of them at some point reached the second person in the state.

“Mike Pence respect for the position. He is always neatly dressed — it reminds me of how Joseph was always cleaned up before being brought before Pharaoh. Mike Pence uncompromisingly adheres to biblical principles, and yet he speaks softly, with love, and not just as a become as sounding brass or a sounding cymbal. And he always tries to be helpful to the head of state,” says Drollinger.

Like others, Drollinger often compares the President to trump the biblical strongman Samson.

“I praise God for them. I thank God for Mike Pence and is Donald trump, these great men whom He had chosen to lead our country,” he says.

Dr. Richard Land — President of southern Evangelical Seminary. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Evangelical Christian President of the trump. And now he joins us on Skype to talk more about the importance of the interest to the Bible the first persons of the state.

MHN: Dr. Land, it is obvious that this is one of the most “Evangelical” of the cabinets in U.S. history. Why is it so important for America?

Richard Land, southern Evangelical Seminary:

In this country we have tens of millions of Evangelical Christians who, at least in my lifetime were under-represented in our nation’s capital at the highest levels. And I think now we see their level of representation, which is much more in line with our percentage of the population. And, as a Christian, I’m glad we have people like Mike Pence, whom I worked for over 14 years, when he was in Congress and I worked with him very closely. It can be called the gold standard born again Evangelical Christian.
It has a great reputation, and that he gathered these people, and he advised President Trump to carry out the study of the Bible. I try to only have a good effect on the government, the representatives of the Executive power in the government of our country.

MHN: do you believe that President trump daily devotes time to pray? And how, in your opinion, it strengthens their faith?

I tell people in the White house, that he prays regularly, and that is when he will have to make important decisions, he often calls up with Vice President Penny to come pray with him about the right direction. In General, though, I hadn’t heard about it firsthand, but I was told about it by authorities that should know.

MIN: incidentally, you were in the oval office with President trump, and you prayed with him. What is it like to pray with the President?

You know, I’ve done this before — like in the oval office, and in other places, but I’ve never had to touch the President, to lay hands on him during prayer. And never touched the Desk in the oval office. Earlier, when you went into the Oval office, you were greeted at the door and seated before the table. So when I managed to put hand to the President and to touch the table, which was played by John Kennedy Jr., when the President was his dad, it was a special moment. We asked the President, can we pray for him, and he said, “Yes, of course.” Then we asked the personal security guards of the President, if we could lay hands on him, and they nodded in response. Thus, we prayed. And I continue to do it every day. When was President Obama, I, too, was praying for him as God has commanded us. I prayed that the Lord would give him wisdom, to God to guide and direct, and keep him from all evil.

MHN: Let’s look at this issue in more detail. Why is it important to pray?

The Bible says: “the king’s Heart is in the hand of Yahweh; wherever he wants, He guides him.” And so we need to pray. First, because we are commanded to do it, and secondly, because we believe that prayer changes everything. And we are told that the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. So I pray to God to give the President the wisdom of God to guide the President. You know that God is able to do miracles.

MHN: Dr. Land, I don’t know if you noticed but all the people who came to the prayer at the inauguration of President trump, prayed in the name of Jesus. Has that ever happened during the inauguration of any of the previous presidents?

For example, when Rick Warren prayed at the inauguration of President Obama, he did it in the name of Jesus. But my favorite prayer is the prayer by Franklin Graham. His father probably would have been very proud of her because she was very Evangelical in nature. During the prayer he quoted 1st Timothy: “God wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, and He gave Himself a ransom for all”. I said, “Amen!”

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