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More than 55 thousand of diseases, injuries and disorders, including gambling addiction, are included in the published Monday by the world health organization (who) the eleventh edition of the International classification of diseases (ICD-11). This document was first fully presented in electronic form.

As explained in the who ICD-11 is based “to determine trends and statistics in global scale”, it is also the international standard for presentations about the diseases. The classification contains “more than 55 thousand unique codes for injuries, illnesses and causes of death”, allowing health care professionals to “use a common language and share information around the world.” The development of this document, “pride” in who, since it can be “a lot to learn about the causes of disease and death, to take steps to prevent suffering and save lives,” he said in connection with the publication of ICD-11 the Director-General of the organization of CEDROS Adan Ghebreyesus, according to CNL

Gambling addiction

ICD-11, developed for over 10 years “seriously improved compared to the previous version — the first time it is fully electronic and done in a format that facilitates its use”. When working on this document experts received more than 10 thousand proposals. Among the innovations is the emergence in the Chapter on traditional medicine because of its popularity among millions of people, and integrating video and digital gambling in the list of disorders associated with addiction.

As explained in the document, the gaming disorder is a pattern of behavior when you play digital or video games, characterized by abnormal control of the game, diverting the game all the greater priority to such an extent that it is preferred to other interests and daily activities. This disorder can be diagnosed if the pattern of behavior entails a violation of personal, family, social and other fields and observed for at least 12 months.

Treatment programs

Enable the game disorder in the ICD-11 due to the accumulated data medicine and reflects the General opinion of experts consulted, who noted. Many countries have developed programs to treat people with health problems typical for gambling disorders. Experts explain that this kind of disorder affects only a small portion of people playing digital and video games. However, anyone who played in them, they recommend “to be vigilant about how much time they spend playing”. The inclusion of such games in the ICD is expected to be adopted by countries into account when planning their own strategies in the field of health.

Periodic revisions of the ICD since 1948 koordiniruyutsya who. Currently there is a 10 version of the classification adopted by the world health Assembly in 1990. ICD-11 will be submitted to the Assembly for approval in may 2019 and will become effective from 1 January 2022.

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