The world Cup provides new opportunities to share the gospel

The whole world is watching the world Cup. This is a real feast for the fans. But behind the scenes operates another team for a higher purpose: share the gospel with the Nations at this world championship.

The Christian charitable organization “Mission Eurasia” is calling for urgent prayer for their Ministry during the world Cup in Russia after police arrested a group of Christian young people involved in the dissemination of the Scriptures, and seized more than 200 copies of the gospel of John. They are accused of missionary activities. Despite the strict measures against evangelization in Russia, hundreds of Evangelical churches across the country are already distributed more than 300 thousand copies of God’s Word and has affected nearly half a million people with the message of the gospel.

According to the President of the Ministry “Mission Eurasia” Sergey Rakhuba, one of the most effective ways of delivering the gospel are organized by the churches replays of matches.

“Despite all the challenges that Evangelical churches throws the current legislation limiting them in how to conduct worship outside the walls of the buildings, these churches invite people in their communities, where they conduct joint viewings of matches this world Cup. There are usually start up a conversation, and young people in the Church get the opportunity to teach the gospel and spread the Scriptures among the people who come to Church on these views”, — says Sergey……

According to Rachuba, one of the most creative performances occurred in an evangelistic flash mob, which took place directly on red square.

“It all happened spontaneously. They said, “We can share the gospel right here in the heart of this country, in Russia, in Moscow, on red square.” In the end it turned into a real flash mob: it could involve thousands of people. One of their leaders boldly preached the gospel. When he began to talk about Jesus, others began to pull themselves out of the pockets to give people brochures with the gospel of John and New Testaments,” says……

In his speech from red square, the Director of the Russian charitable organization Paul Tokarchuk says they intend to use this historic opportunity to the maximum.

“We, as a Church, want to present the gospel to many people and churches. All of these printed resources we want to share with the Church, so they can cover as many people as possible. You need to seize the opportunity,” says Paul Tokarchuk (“Mission Eurasia”).

In conclusion….. turned to the Christians around the world, urging them to pray for Russia in this momentous time.

“We want your audience to continue to pray for the leader of Russia, for the Russian government, that they provided more freedom of Christianity in Russia that the gospel could be spread more freely, and the Evangelical Church had much more freedom in carrying out his Ministry to people and more serious about their duties to bring the message of the gospel, words of hope, its people, its society,” he said.

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