Theatre “the Voice” will present the premiere of “Russian cross”


Russian spiritual theater “GLAS”, under the leadership of honored. deyat. of arts of the Russian Federation Mr. Astakhov.With. is the premiere of “Russian cross” on 25 December at 19:00 at the address: Pyatnitskaya str., 60 (metro Dobryninskaya, Tretyakov).

Performance of “Russian cross” created by the artwork and poem by Nikolay Melnikov (06.03.1966 – 24.05.2006). The authors of the script and staging: honoured. deyat. claim. Russian Nikita Astakhov and honored. art. Russian Tatiana Belevich.

Before working on the show Nikita Astakhov and Tatyana Belevich received the blessing for the setting of the poem the spiritual father of the poet sharemarket Elijah (Nozdrin).

The plot of “Russian cross” – the story of the Russian man Ivan Sprout, which “without vodka could not live” and the drinking was left disabled, without family, without love, without hope, without faith. Such in the Russian villages were many. But a miracle happened! He came up with the idea to rebuild the village destroyed the temple. And now, with a huge wooden cross on his back, the character goes to collect donations…

This performance we would like to draw attention to the restoration of rural churches, including the Church of the assumption in the homeland of the poet in the village of Bald Bryansk region. Read more about this on the website:

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About the author:

Nikolai A. Melnikov was born in a simple village family in the village of Bald Bryansk region. At the end of secondary school without exams he offered to go to the local teachers ‘ College. But where Nicholas long studied: in 1981 my father died and the young man returned to his home. However, in 1982, he entered GITIS (now the Russian Institute of theatre art), and the second course went to serve in the army in a distant village SIM Solikamsk district of the Perm region in the area of “whales” (inmates sentenced to death). An excerpt from the life of Nicholas in detail described in the story “Splinters”. Also the army had written dozens of songs that quickly became hits among the prisoners.

In 1986 he returned to study in GITIS and in 1990 he received a degree in “directing”.

Nikolay Melnikov together with Nikolai Burljaeva in the difficult Russian 90s organized the festival “Golden knight”.

In 1996, Nicholas wrote the poem “Russian cross” which is seven years have hatched in my head. It was this work that led him to Optina Pustyn to chiyomaru Elijah, who became the spiritual father of the poet. The last three months of his life Nikolay Melnikov almost lived almost entirely in the near Kozelsk Optina. He really wanted to make a feature film based on the poem “Russian cross”. But before… may 24, 2006 at the bus stop near Optina Nikolai Melnikov was found dead.

“In the tragic last century the Lord gave the people our ordeal. He carried the faith even those who from birth it has not heard neither from parents, nor from grandparents. The thirst for spiritual purity encourages young people to seek faith in God and the older generation, to whose memory all the horrors of despair, and to convince not necessary. This way of searching power and the meaning of life is contained in the remarkable poem “the Russian Cross” written bright and melodious language. And you should not consider this poem as the story of the life of the Russian countryside. This is the life of all of us dying in unbelief, and from the ruins of a resurgent…”.

Archimandrite Eli (Nozdrin)

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