Theologian: Action Fanara – an attempt to assert the authority over all the Churches

Professor of the Moscow theological Academy Alexey Osipov

Fanara the decision to dissolve the Western European Exarchate is another step showing that his authoritarian actions in Ukraine is not a random error, said Alexei Osipov.

The dissolution of the Western European Exarchate of parishes of Russian tradition, as the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Ukraine, aimed at the destruction of the Church world. This opinion was expressed by Orthodox theologian, Professor of the Moscow theological Academy Alexey Osipov, according to “Izvestia”.

The scientist stressed: “After the decision of the Church of Constantinople on the dissolution of the Western European Exarchate of parishes of Russian tradition in the Moscow Patriarchate reminded of a long sentence, these parishes to move to the jurisdiction of the ROC. 15 years ago, in the spring of 2003 with this appeal, the late Patriarch Alexy II appealed to all bishops and Orthodox parishes of Russian tradition in Western Europe.”

“The voice of the Russian Church in this dramatic time of life for many clergy and laity may be in the full sense of saving. Here they will find and the Patriarchal Church, and certain sacraments. And there is every reason to hope that a considerable part of the parishes will follow this call. Great start to this return to their Mother Church, see the decision of the Orthodox community in Florence”, he explained.

In the opinion of the theologian, “a new step Constantinople is another confirmation of the level of ethics in relations with their sister churches”.

“A fundamental truth of the Christian faith and the Foundation of Orthodox Church life is the law of love and peace, without compliance with which any local Church ceases to be Church. For where there is no love, no sincere desire to solve all the problems by fraternal collegiate discussion, there can be neither peace nor truth, that is God,” he said.

Alexey Osipov said: “launched by the Patriarchate of Constantinople destructive activities expands and becomes more proud thought of disobedience to the truth of Christ brotherhood and assert its authority over all Orthodox Churches. Similar events had been in the history of Christianity. And where the lust for power and pride conquered, leaving only the guise of the Church without the Holy spirit.”

According to him, it means “the loss of this local Church of the Holy spirit and, hence, the invalidity of all the sacraments and particularly the Eucharist (Communion). For this reason is broken Eucharistic communion with the Church, had fallen into a proud thought power. It can’t take communion, because it can not be the Eucharist, where openly and persistently affirms pride. Therefore, the Holy Synod of our Church was forced to make a decision on the suspension of the Eucharistic communion with the Church of Constantinople”.

The theologian said: “the consequences of the actions of Constantinople can be very tragic for Orthodoxy. In the local Orthodox churches understand that the only Head of the Church is Christ, who by washing his disciples ‘ feet showed that none of them can dominate others. Orthodoxy is Catholic, and the Church now expect and hope the first in honor of the Church of Constantinople, will be able to overcome the temptation that Christ rejected in the wilderness, answered the devil: “the Lord thy God shall worship and Him only shalt thou serve” (Matt. 4: 10)”.

As reported by PWC, informed the political expert, the Director of Information-analytical center “Perspective” Paul Rudyak said that Constantinople may eventually undo Ukrainian Tomos, just as he canceled the Tomos granted to the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox churches in Western Europe.

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