There is an illusion that children turn parents from which to choose

A mother of three by blood and four foster children Olga Ovodova that was waiting for her foster children, if the bill that proposes to limit the number of children that can be transmitted in foster care would be adopted.

  • Prison, STUMPS, standing abortion: that they waited for the orphans from the orphanage
  • The so-called parents
  • We will soon see the parents crying about their children

If the bill was adopted, our four foster children, we would take not allowed: the family has always been more minors than you have to. They would remain in the system to wait for other parents.

The chance to go to another family was just Arina, our second foster child – she is beautiful and healthy girl. To us she has been in the family. But four months later, the childless parents, the girl returned. The rest had no chance absolutely no.

When we took the first, few dared to take to the family of a teenager.

In the orphanage we were then told that this is the second time in history, and the first was over the fact that the child was returned.

Barbara came to us six and a half years. During her life in the orphanage, only one family came to meet you, but they decided not to. At Athens, indeed, a difficult diagnosis of arthrogryposis: crooked legs and a broken arm.

For the fate of Angela’s worried Diana Gurtskaya and the girl repeatedly shown on the First channel. Multi-million audience reach and… the child is not taken away.

It is clear that those who have no children, want small and healthy, this is a completely normal desire. I would not have dared to take in families of children with disabilities if I didn’t have a healthy and prosperous.

Was raised that family is the most important thing

We met with Sergei, when we had three blood children: seven boys and three years and a newborn daughter. About to take another child, not thought – out as their little ones. But there was a feeling that the orphans are there, and it had something to do with it.

We went for a compromise to take the baby to visit. During the year, nine-year-old Serezha came to us for the weekend, and in the end we realized that to leave the boy in the orphanage can not have custody.

When we took him, he was in a correctional school. School staff believed that its graduates become thieves and prostitutes. We have Sergei graduated from ordinary schools, though not brilliantly. Then he graduated from College, got vocational secondary education. Now working in a warehouse, went on increasing. Before his marriage he lived with us, although officially we were no longer guardians. But still – it’s ours.

At the wedding, Sergei, is not prone to sentimentality, told us very important words: “You raised me so that my family is my most important thing.”

Sergey with his wife

Yeah, it was hard, there were tears in the pillow from that, nothing seemed to work, because when we took him in 2005, was not any of the Schools of adoptive parents had no training, books and articles. But nerves spent was worth it – good boy turned out!

With Arina, as I said, a childless family can’t handle. Although she’s just a girl with a feisty character and we had a lot to learn, to suck it up and very gently and carefully direct it.

She shouted loudly, stomping feet, throwing accusations, then apologizes and hugs. Sweet, kind, economic, diligent girl, we love her very much. Very matured and grew serious for the time we have, good student, nice draws.


At the orphanage said, “to Go, she will never be”

A child with health problems appeared in the family of six. Cook I looked to Arina, I saw the questionnaire, the girl I liked, but then I decided not to: in the video it was clear that this is a very difficult child. We went the traditional way: “Give us of those you have, the healthier”.

Before the decision to take a disabled child had to Mature. It took me a year.

The status of the girl heavy, when I lay with her in a specialized clinic, it is seen that it is weaker than all the other children with a similar diagnosis. Don’t know initial whether it is the severity of the lesions or is due to the fact that it was not engaged in early childhood.

At the orphanage said to me, “Go, she will never be”. And it would have been, of course. Treatment for this diagnosis very laborious. To do the surgery and then the child must be in braces, it’s like a plastic boot on the whole foot. If they are tight, RUB, baby they can’t walk. Over the last pair of these “shoes” I had three to go with Varya in St. Petersburg, to change something, to correct. At the orphanage, so to do just can not. In the best case, will make the brace, you will see that walking a kid in it can’t say, “Well, this disease, very sorry.”

Performance Vari

In the orphanage var had to learn in the correctional program.

To my surprise, because she’s smart, why is it so, I said, “we Have a correctional school, and one student for one regular class will not open”.

That’s the trouble with the system. Cook at the orphanage, loved, well-treated her. There are really good relationships between children and teachers, Director and the whole team. But the orphanage can’t be a good place for a child in principle, even the best.

What we have now? We have put Cook on her feet, she can walk with support, while for short distances, but in this case salvation, because the girl was heavy, and I already can’t wear on the hands. She does well, she travels with us and participates in vocal competitions. Wants to become a programmer, it is perfectly suited for her profession.

This year we had a significant event – Cooking first went to summer camp at the “Academy of security” without me. This is a camp for normal children, but there was not afraid of responsibility for such a child. Varya easy character, she’s fun, she’s not involved in sports activities, but it actively hurts that her team wins.

Had the idea that I would be able to raise a blind child

Angela totally different story. I first had the idea that I’m ready to raise a blind child. Because God’s world is beautiful, and show it to the person who can’t see, it’s an interesting creative challenge. A particular child in mind I had not, but had a plan. I could not immediately proceed to its implementation – then there was the treatment of the Boil, I knew that there is a lot of hospitalizations. Now we went through all this and hope that the more operations it will not be necessary.

This spring (in time!) we appeared in the family Angela. To cure it is impossible, you just need to grow, develop and adapt to life.


Every day Angela reveals something new. She listens to audio learned as preparing food, loved to jump on the trampoline, learned how to assemble the tent – it’s only small moments from what constantly meets girl.

In the orphanage I was told that she had severe mental retardation, but I disagree. I’m sure she will be able to get a profession. For example, baby massage, Angela is very fond of children.

I can only imagine what we would not give one of our children

What was waiting for Cook and Angela, not if they are in the family?

Have one road – psikhonevrologicheskiy internat. Option – a nursing home. Supported living of persons with disabilities in our country, no, and absolutely intellectually save the barbarian would not get a profession, she would have no chance to find a job, to serve God and people.

I dread to imagine what we would not give one of our children.

People often ask, why do you need all this? Other people’s children, especially the sick. And so much. It is strange somehow.

I’ll try to explain.

Here you bring home a pale weakling, frightened, vicious animal that doesn’t know half of the appropriate age, do not know basic things. Watching day by day he falls slowly, with the pain the crust, and offer a wonderful person, such as it was conceived by God. And you have a little to do with it. Although sometimes it seems that all itself, and you, standing next to.

And it’s fascinating. And I want more. And again. That is why I believe a reasonable existing standards that foster children tend to give to the families, where is brought up not more than eight children. It is important that with the caveat “generally”. There are people who can do more, I know.

The rule “no more than three” will block the ability of many, many children to get into the family.

There is some illusion that children turn parents, and you can choose from the set of candidates the best secured, not burdened with a bunch of children.

But childless parents are looking for small, healthy and like ourselves, and we can’t make them to blame for it. And orphanage full of disabled teenagers and “trains” of several brothers and sisters. Thousands and thousands of children remain in orphanages, if there will close the input of experienced parents.

It is not only the lack of discussion of the bill, but he shocked me most. I sincerely hope that this heinous law will never be adopted.


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