“There is no panic. Whipping up more in social networks,” as in the Kuban region eliminate consequences of storm rains

In the Krasnodar region continue to eliminate the consequences of heavy rains that flooded Sochi and 30 settlements in the Tuapse and Absheron districts.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

  • Flooding in the Kuban: hundreds of homes flooded, no trains, six people were killed
  • The number of victims of heavy rains in the Kuban region rose to six

“This year, the media especially has inflated the scale of what is happening”
Ivan Jabir, a resident of Sochi, photographer

The peak of distress in my opinion behind. Yes, Big Sochi (with all suburbs – approx.ed.) really were cut off from the “mainland” due to the fact that were demolished road bridge. And yesterday because of this people have been completely unfounded, in my opinion, panic – at gas stations lined up in long lines. Maybe someone started the rumor about the shortage of gasoline.

Last year, in fact, was a similar situation with the flood, but I think this year the media as a particularly inflated the scale of what is happening.

I can say about it Sochi – is a strong and unwarranted escalation of the situation in the media. Today there are no queues at petrol stations, and in General, the city lives a normal life.

According to the latest data, the bridge will be repaired in the coming hours, respectively, the city will soon “open”. However, in the media and social networks until now, there are reports that soon there will be food, water, gasoline.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

The story of the flood we have annual. The reason is that our public services can’t adapt the old – well, it would be better to build a new communication, which would have diverted water effectively. In fact there is nothing wrong in the fact that we have a deep river.

Heat a little only those areas where no stormwater drainage. For example, this part of the highway from Sochi to Adler. There heat a little each time, and from year to year all posts in instagram, as there are floating cars. Just this highway has no stormwater utilities.

You know, as in Moscow for utilities “suddenly” winter comes, and our public services as well “suddenly” come a rain, and suddenly it turns out that all of our pier – it is one huge reservoir from which the water has nowhere to go.

The only thing is to ensure that the water somehow go away-just breaks a couple of holes in the overpass. This is our only problem, the rest of us is the norm, the water is a day or two and then goes away. There is no shortage of food and gasoline.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

“People, especially those living in mountainous areas, mentally prepared for such incidents”
Marina Shahbazian, editor in chief of information and publishing Department of the Yekaterinburg diocese

Today Dionysius, Bishop of Tuapse, vicar of Ekaterinodar eparchy celebrated the Liturgy with priests of the Tuapse district, during which commemorated the victims during the flood, and then held a service on the termination of the disaster and consoled the victims.

The Bishop announced the collection of donations in the diocese. In some temples of Krasnodar he began yesterday. The Tuapse district Dean Archpriest Peter Telnov organized the collection of aid. The fact that floods are rather frequent, we have a phenomenon, where once in two years, they have happen. In this sense, and parishes, and parishioners, and the help is very well organized. There is an active interaction with the MOE.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

But, of course, such power of floods, especially the victims, was not long ago. Dean helps comprehensively is not only prayer services and processions. It is also a fundraiser, tents, bedding, food for those left without shelter, water (now there are problems with drinking water), Essentials. This is the main help to the Church now.

In part of the settlements closed schools, hospitals, stopped traffic. Doing this now local authorities, is the restoration of electricity to hospitals, repair roads, roads, etc..

The last time the flood victims was a few years ago in the Absheron district and frontier mountain areas.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

Soon will be organized a big job on clearing houses, villages affected by the mudflow. Will get the money on appliances. In past times, we seminarians went, cleared the house after the landslide.

In the city there is no panic. Whipping up more in social networks from people who do not live in our area and have never encountered such incidents. People here, especially those who live in mountainous areas, mentally prepared for such incidents.

In mountainous areas live mostly elderly people, but they are helpless and are not psychologically ready to leave their homes. This, of course, complicates the evacuation of the population. However, panic and discharge, there is a clear, well-organized and competent work of all services of the city and its environs.

Anna Burlakova / Tuapse Vesti

“The situation is stable”
Sergey Logvin, the head of the initiative group of volunteers of the Rostov region

Yesterday I contacted the head of Tuapse Vladimir Zverev. Mr Zubkov said that the situation is under control.

Arranged temporary accommodation in Novorossiysk, Anapa, Gelendgic for persons deprived of their residential property. Now the road to Adler closed. Temporarily halted railway traffic due to washed-away paths under reconstruction. The situation is stable.


The passengers of the trains yesterday were moved to hotels paid by the Railways. Agreed with the head that if you need help, he’ll call. Just when the don rescue emergency, the emergency area of the Rostov region has moved a column.


Recorded Olga Lunina

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