“There is no quota” – and the family has no money for the operation

Dasha has a heart defect. Diagnosed later – at the age of 15. And if we do not do the surgery, she is threatening serious diseases: inflammation of the inner lining of the heart infectious nature, thromboembolism, pulmonary heart disease. Operations using the occluder is practically not allocate quotas. The operation cost 300 thousand rubles. But the family Gerasimov has no such money.

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Patent ductus arteriosus

− Mom, will I die? fifteen – year-old Dasha Gerasimova longingly looks up and immediately turns away, ashamed of his fear, frankness and silly as it seems, issue.

− Good gracious, no, child. The doctors say it’s not even an operation, and… manipulation. You will not die. Natalia pauses, she becomes afraid of this conversation. And she deliberately adds fun, trying to bring back the smile on your daughter’s face:

− Also I “die”! And who will help the mother?

Dasha with her mother

Dasha, of course, smiling. And even calms down. But after a while the disturbing thoughts again climb to the head, and the heart becomes heavy, as if weighed down by the burden of fear. Dasha teen. This is the age when you start to think about yourself and your place in the world. When all of a sudden become terribly vulnerable and trifling enough reason to become despondent, because of some nonsense to decide that life is over. And then not nonsense – there’s a heart condition…

On regular school medical examination Dasha complained of fatigue and palpitations after exercise, and the doctor prescribed an ultrasound of the heart. It turned out that Dasha congenital heart disease – patent ductus arteriosus.

“Congenital heart disease! Natalia says that the diagnosis Dasha was for the whole family an absolute shock. We were not even aware about anything… Dasha was developed by age, and the doctors never suspected anything serious, did not offer to be examined in more detail”.

Thought about the heart of the operation and the abdomen was cramped up with fear

Dasha was appointed second ultrasound, this time in the Republican children’s clinical hospital of Cheboksary. The diagnosis was confirmed. Chief cardiologist promised to re-trigger the notification to the survey, when in Cheboksary coming colleagues-cardiologists from Moscow it was necessary to evaluate the risk of complications and decide about the operation.


“In the meantime, don’t think about the bad, save your strength,” said Dasha doctor. But Dasha only even more excited, she couldn’t not think about the bad. Exams for 9th class – information, tests, excitement, and suddenly recalled: “heart operation” − and belly drove from fear. Met with classmates, walked five year old sister, Sonia, went dancing – no dancing, now it was prohibited, and just chat with friends. … Thought, thought, thought.

In 15 years Dasha is faced with the fear of death face to face and could not keep up with him. To stop worrying prevented and even suspense – will the operation or “blow over”?

Recently Dasha’s mom finally called to the hospital. Doctors have long conferred after examination, and then said to Dasha that to do surgery is still necessary. They explained that if you do not close the ductus arteriosus, can develop severe heart disease: inflammation of the inner lining of the heart infectious nature, thromboembolism, pulmonary heart disease.

“Abdominal surgery is very dangerous, − has explained to the Dasha and her mom have a cardiologist when they were alone in her office. − In our time does not have to torture the child to open his chest, stop breathing, and circulation, connect an artificial heart Can hold safe operation using the occluder: a catheter inserted into the femoral artery, and a special patch closes the ductus arteriosus. The operation itself is simple, it avoids many of the complications faced by patients emerging from open heart surgery. But the quota for the occluder is almost impossible to obtain, we have no quotas”.

Dasha can carry out an operation in Moscow. Operation costs 300 thousand rubles. She hopes our help. She is very tired to be afraid my heart, the operations of the future.

She was very eager to just start to live freely and widely, as befits a young girl.

− Mother, will I die?

− No, you have your whole life ahead of you!

Daria with her mom, dad and sister

Please help Dasha.

Adults and children with congenital and acquired heart defects, unfortunately, are many. Our Foundation helps them in the framework of the program “the Way to heart”. Help can you by donating any amount or signing up for a monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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