There was a second room free newspaper “Thomas road”


Came out of print the second number of free Newspapers, “Thomas road”, containing a selection of the best materials of the journal “Thomas”, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media. “Thomas road” is an eight-lane illustrated newspaper. The publication is distributed primarily in the chapels with the stations in various regions of Russia.

“This room has been specially planned for two autumn dates: September 1 and Day of the teacher. There are a lot of materials for school and child-parent theme, but there are other categories, primarily devoted to familiarize readers with Orthodoxy. For example, a large material devoted to the prayer “our father”, and a section with questions to the priest. At the core of the issue, as before, the best material from various issues of the magazine “Thomas”. We are confident that the journal will help us find new readers, to talk to a brand new audience”, — said the Deputy Director of the Foundation, “Thomas Center” Alexey Sokolov.

He noted that among the distribution points of the newspaper stations in Moscow, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Samara, Orel and Vladivostok.

“Plans to expand distribution to Astrakhan, Russia and Cherepovets. This, of course, need to say a special thank you to our friends and co-workers of the Orthodox public movement “Christian good deeds”,” added Alexei Sokolov.

By 2018 the production of four issues of the newspaper “Thomas road”, which will be published with the support of the grant competition “Orthodox initiative”.

View and download the newspaper in PDF format at the following link:

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