There were Serbian version of the website of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery


October 7 – the day of memory of two revered ancient Serbian saints, Holy king Stephen Prvovencani, brother of the monk Sava the Serbian and St. king Vladislav, his nephew, on the website of St. Alexander Nevsky Novo-Tikhvin monastery was opened, the Serbian version of the Internet portal, reports a press-service of the Yekaterinburg diocese.

On the website, the Serbs will be able to read in their native language about the convent, about the monastery workshops about how the monastery is connected with the Royal house of the Romanovs and especially the Royal martyrs, which in Serbia is revered no less than in Russia. Here they will be able to listen to native songs sung by the monastery choir – sister a few years ago to support the brotherly Serbian people, recorded a CD “On namo, namo” with traditional Serbian songs.


– Even with the Orthodox brothers the Serbs we have very much noted in obitelji. -The sisters often stayed in this small territory, but the great spirit of the country. Great its shrines, its great ancient temples, great for its courageous people. Sister-icon-painters came here to study ancient frescoes, and the remarkable Byzantine masters. Sister singers had performed at the festival of Orthodox choirs. A few sisters came to the international Symposium on female monasticism, to the celebration of the uncovering of the relics of the venerable Justin Calistoga. And in any Serbian town, village, or monastery have visited sisters, they are always particularly impressed by the Serbs themselves: their hospitality, kindness, sacrifice, love for God and for people.

That’s just one small example. Two Serbs who were sent by drivers to the sisters-singers, the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the littoral Amfilohije, said what he gave them mandate. “Note, – said the Lord – you have to make for the Russian sisters all. If they want to buy a hotel – buy them a hotel!” To the purchase of a hotel it is certainly not reached, but were then Serbs Russian sisters do, day and night, celebrated in the monastery.


Have repeatedly been in the monastery for guests from Serbia and Bishop Amphilochius sisters had the joy to taking even a few times.

– Had a long list that connects the Ural monastery with distant native Serbia. And as a token of love for Serbian people, as a sign of reverence for his firm faith, his tragic, but great history is open, the Serbian version of the site, told the nuns.

The monastery is grateful for the Serbs Natasha Bozovic, Ivan Komatina who helped in the preparation of Serbian texts.

And, as the Serbs, dobrodosli – welcome!

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