They committed hundreds gathered for a rally “for traditional family values – Your Bible

On Gorky square on the 95th quarter in Krivoy Rog gathered residents, who argue that respect for traditional family values, according to

The rally came more than 200 people, including most people – representatives of religious organizations.

Note that the representatives of political parties “Freedom” first came without flags. Were also members of the city Council, volunteers and other Krivoi Rog.

The order was provided by a group of tactical-operational response UPP, the National guard, the investigative group of the Krivoy Rog police Department.

In the social network, the organizer of the event says “the Right Sector”. During the meeting it became known that one of the initiators of the religious community of the city.

Kryvyi Rih, came to the rally, do not believe in the existence of homosexuality and think that equality Marches, which conducts LGBT+ community, is wrong.

The head of the column, which Gorky square will go up to Rog, the leaders of “Freedom” and “Right Sector”.

People who passed by the rally, the procession joined in.

The team of Kryvyi Rih, who came to the rally, I believe that the family is exclusively a Union between a man and a woman. And grow up children have in such families.

The organizers of the event called Kryvyi Rih city of traditional Christian values.

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