They prayed Peter and Fevronia: someone brought the bridegroom and someone went to the monastery

“In our Church walked a woman over forty. Modest, quiet, research fellow. Prayed before the icon of saints Peter and Fevronia. Shared, that asks that the Lord pushed her betrothed with the nose on the nose. And then one day brought the groom…” Why pray to Peter and Fevronia of Murom, in the Royal temple, the image of these saints was honored, what does the Day of family, love and fidelity, says the acting rector of the Church of the ascension (Small) on Big Nikitsky Archpriest Alexei Kruglik.

Archpriest Alexei Kruglik. Photo: Yefim, Richman

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On weekdays, the porch of the house is literally littered with cases with musical instruments: strings, woodwinds, folder scores. The teachers and students of the Conservatory come to pray before performances, after the show, put a candle to the patron saints of theatre arts, music and poetry.

Right at the entrance to the temple, right in the corner, hang two icons painted in 2015 specially for this Church. St. John of Kukuzel, Kilikia, dolmama, the Roman Martyr, the martyrs porphyry and Ardalion – the names of these saints, may not be so widely known, but the musicians and the actors literally paved the path to these icons. And the current Abbot considers how to manage and build a small patch in the center of Moscow storage space for musical instruments zakhozhaev and parishioners.

In General, this parish, known in Moscow connoisseurs of Church singing in the local choir always sang the students and graduates of the Conservatory, other music institutions, experts rare and difficult to perform hymns.

In the middle of the right side-chapel of ascension Church is a large baptismal font for adults, built in the 90 years of the twentieth century. It appeared almost immediately after the return of the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church. Generally, a font for adults – the invention of the penultimate century. Since the TWELFTH century in Russia only baptized infants, adults did not need the fonts, and even later, when, for example, was the annexation of Central Asia, grown EN masse were baptized in the rivers.

“Adult” fonts have become ubiquitous to appear after the widely celebrated the Millennium of the baptism of Rus, when the Church was literally a flood of people wishing to be baptized. However, not all temples had the opportunity to build a separate baptistry, some little churches in the city centre, as the Small Ascension, was limited to the construction of the baptismal font directly in the temple space.

On the feast of the Baptism to the temple EN masse come to take in the plunge pool. Here even set women (January 18) and male (19 January), the day when the Liturgy in time, want to dive into the plunge pool in the absence of Jordan in the city centre.

But more often this ancient temple come to venerate the icon of saints Peter and Fevronia. On Sundays before the image of Murom saints, served a moleben with akathist, and afterwards held the parish of “Nikita”, here come people of all ages – mostly looking for my half, but also family – talk to priest and like-minded people over a Cup of tea with treats. On the eve of the social networks will receive the traditional entry with the announcement of the theme: “After the break will be long awaited youth event. We invite everyone to take part in the prayer service with the akathist to saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom, beginning at 17 o’clock and will start at the end of the prayer.”

July 8, Sunday, in day of memory of these saints in the temple will be a big celebration with concert, master classes, lectures, charity lottery. However, like every year.

We go to mother-in-law, mother-in-law, women with children and without

How did the icon of Peter and Fevronia became one of the most honoured in your Church?

– Hard to say. In General, our temple was built by the vow in honour of the coronation of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich. Over time the word “wedding” in the mass consciousness has become a sign of the Church, which should be sacred, the patron of the wedding of the people themselves. According to some information, before the revolution, the temple was the icon of Peter and Fevronia. And this we learned when such an icon has appeared at us in 90-e years.

First, our rector, Archpriest Gennady Cores very honored these saints and asked the monastery in Murom particle of the Holy relics to put in the icon. Since that time, the image, painted by an unknown painter, in a place of honor. I know that in the early nineties such icons in Moscow was not.

First we were served before the icon from time to time prayers. And then suddenly, we began to flock to people who have had problems with family, with relationships, with marriage. By this time there were wedding beauty’s sake.

In my opinion, such wedding and to this day are not uncommon.

– What are you, a fraction. Now and get married-that much more difficult. You have to pass a conversation with a priest, a catechist, to confess, to commune, to make sure that this step is thought out and serious. Not many want it, without such an approach the Church is not willing to perform the sacrament.

You have no idea what the boom was in the 90-ies. In the temples simultaneously crowned by five pairs. And at Epiphany Cathedral, ten pairs at a time, and even in several visits. There was a rumor that the temple is our “wedding” and weddings in the Small Ascension was well, very much.

Over time we have developed special forms of veneration of saints Murom. In addition to prayer, which is served once a week in front of the icon, the litanies added a special petition for those who are going to marry, those who have family problems, birth of children and even the grandchildren. All the family problems tried to cover in these petitions. And then in Moscow from mouth to mouth was passed the news about the Church in which I pray for the family.

After the prayers the priests usually left for a few hours and personally spoke with people. But when people began to come not just a lot, a lot, we realized that we need a family meeting where people could ask questions, seek advice. Began to have tea parties with the conversations in the refectory.

First, go only the youth, and then was joined by family people, and those who had lost family, and those who have family problems. We began to walk everything, including mothers-in-law, mothers-in-law, women with children and without.

So organized a club of Peter and Fevronia, and meetings became weekly, with the exception of great feasts and Great lent. We have expanded the range of topics began to invite psychologists to talk only about men, women, relationships, education, preservation of love, began to read lectures on liturgics, music, iconography, art, lit new documents that deal with marriage and wedding, in the hope that this educational program will allow people to discreetly approach the issue of marriage, relationships between men and women.

What can I say, I regularly have to send people to think about who they take themselves to the sponsors (godparents) or spouse.

What’s wrong with godparents or spouses? Someone you think is right, and to choose, the main thing that people were churching, isn’t it?

In addition to the immature attitude of the newlyweds to the wedding, a misunderstanding of what the blessing of God on marriage, in addition to heirs, sometimes by putting on a cross just for the baptism, we had cases when parents brought for example, two men – one was called “the godfather” and the other “the cross”. Or two men came to get married. I don’t always understand the motives: do they want to get married or is it pure provocation, to cause scandal or precedent. In short, we are forced and conversations and meetings, to let people know about our relationship.

After the reconstruction of the streets many loved walking around the city center, besides there was a lot of fun in Moscow and the number zakhozhaev significantly increased. So our Petropavlovskiy meetings are really popular.

The veneration of Peter and Fevronia in our Church nothing imposed was not

– I understand – “wedding temple”, a fashion splash on religion, “wedding beauty’s sake.” But all this suddenly turned into a large-scale veneration of the two saints? Do not you think that it is something artificial, imposed to all of us in 2008?

– In our Church the icon of the Murom saints hung with the early nineties. Then for the image made a wonderful case, in which specifically took place to embed evidence of gratitude for the miracles which massively occurred through the prayers of the people. Someone found a family, someone settled and resolved relationships within the family, someone the kids were born. We do not notice how the icon has become a second center of the temple.And many priests who have served here and are, obviously, an icon doesn’t just appear. The Church itself was laid upon accession to the throne Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich with the Empress Irene, which is too late for their righteous life likened to Peter and Fevronia. Them as the saints of Murom, was trying to build the nobles, they were touched and discontent, and confusion, and until his death remained faithful to each other. When Tsar Fedor died, Irina Godunova retired to a monastery, where he died five years later.

I don’t agree with you that we create a cult, or that the state offers us to create it. To the Day of family, love and fidelity was installed in 2008, two years earlier in Murom at the initiative of the authorities collected tens of thousands of signatures on a petition about establishment of the all-Russian day of married love and family happiness. It was proposed to mark the day of memory of Murom Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia, as a sample of the marriage.

You see, in the history of the few people who have been glorified by the families. Is the glorified man, is woman, but together, simultaneously, unconditionally, almost immediately after the death is an exceptional case, a rarity.

So you selected the saints were not by accident.

Just trust me, the worship of saints Peter and Fevronia in our Church nothing imposed was not. This happened spontaneously. It is in the literal sense of the word a miracle of God. We didn’t expect such an incredible flow of people. Arranging weekly prayers with acathistus, adding exclamations of the litanies during the Liturgy, we are likely to have responded to the queries of the faithful, on their concerns, aspirations, learning to pray together this Holy.

So Christ is not enough, and to have the welfare of the family, we still have to some additional saints to turn to?

Enough, but, on the other hand, no wonder that the saints glorified God. No wonder we remember the famous posthumous miracles, when the bodies of Peter and Fevronia, are buried in separate graves, was one. It would seem, what difference where to be buried. The soul has gone to God, and the body will be resurrected. But performed a miracle as evidence: once were husband and wife during life, then, is the will of God that they were together and after his death. The people were astonished at this. Began asking them for help and intercession.

Veneration of saints is not a human establishment, but a will of God, which, through the miracles shows us that a number of us, among us were people who were able to keep the commandments of God, became an example of the fulfillment of these commandments. Scripture teaches no one to pay divine worship except the one True God, however, instructs us to honor the saints: “Remember your leaders, who spoke to you the word of God, and, considering the end of their life, imitate their faith” (Heb. 13:7). No Holy’t block us of Christ, but humanly helps, I am sure that among us are saints and we can be if we want to.

Archpriest Alexei Kruglik. Photo: Yefim, Richman

Someone leads the groom and someone goes to the monastery

In the city, despite the millions of people around, family is a big problem. That marriage took place, so there was a sole or only, seems to collapse. Many people come to you in the temple, order of the prayers before the icon for a month, a year, asking for help in creating the family. But is it true? Is there not a risk to forget the main purpose for which we all come to the temple?

Each of the priests serving in the temple can tell you a few stories from his pastoral practices associated with the veneration of Peter and Fevronia, and about the help that came through prayers to him.

In my memory there was a case. In our Church went to pray woman. At that time she was well over forty years. Modest, quiet, research fellow. She often prayed before the icon of saints Peter and Fevronia with the words: “God’s will be done for me…” Every time, talking to a priest, complained, they say that modern men are very indecisive, and she’s shy to meet, the more she like this age, although she wants a family, children. I shared with him that praying that the Lord will “have pushed her husband right nose on the nose”. And once she brought the bridegroom with the words: “the Lord fulfilled my prayer.”

She’s a modern lady moved around the city by car, and once on the way home right at the traffic lights and had an accident. Out of the car with which it collided, out of a middle-aged man and pleasing appearance. He did not swear, as usually happens when men see a woman behind the wheel, in contrast, offered help, and admitted that he is guilty, speeding. Ready to help with repair of the machine. Met, called the traffic police. To wait left the café.

Police arrived a long time could not find the victims, because this pair, leaving the car, and sat, holding hands, and talking nonstop.

Just hearing the persistent sound of a siren, they returned to their vehicles. Now my parishioner for 50 years and my husband and they gave birth to three beautiful children. Both say that the year they are three. I think if it’s fated, that the person was married, if he is patient and he adds: “Thy will be done”, the marriage will take place.

But I have another story. To our Church ten years went guy. Wanted to meet a girl who dreamed of family, children. Prayed much and fervently. And then suddenly died his elderly parents, he was a late child. Grieved-grieved and suddenly discovered that to create a family – not his destiny. Not his fate. And went to the monastery. Three years is a novice, soon to take the vows. He is happy in the monastic family. Realized that this was what he really sought. Through his prayer the Lord revealed to him his own proper path in life.Maybe I repeat, but it’s worth it.

We are often very human, if you want – down to earth, forming their requests to God. We are constantly Him something. But the right thing not to forget to humbly add: “Thy will be done”.

The Church of the ascension, or “Small Ascension” in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, which appeared in 1584. Its construction coincided with the accession to the throne of the last Rurik Tsar Fedor Ivanovich. The wooden Church was demolished in 1634. In its place was built a stone Church, which later than once due to city fires was undergoing restructuring.

After the revolution the Church for a short time functioned. Was finally closed in 1937. At the same time, the temple lost its bells and crosses and was converted first to the Dorm, and later given over to business premises restoration workshop.

In 1991 the Church was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church and June 3, 1992 re-consecrated. The Dean was appointed Archpriest Gennadiy Cores. At the same time an honorary rector within two years he was Bishop Basil (Rodzianko). From 1998 to 2014, rector of the Church was Archpriest Vasily Stroganov.

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