Thousands of refugees-Muslims are turning to Christ in Europe. According to the website “The Daily Beast”, they convert to Christianity in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. In some European cities such new converts to fill the Church, which have long been empty, after all, Church attendance in Europe has declined for decades. But in the German churches of new-born Christians from the Muslims now actually revive the community.

In some areas of Germany are considered among the most “godless” areas in the world. According to surveys, the number of believers in God in East Germany is only 30%. But Church attendance is growing thanks to former Muslims from Iran.

One convert from the Muslims told the German magazine “stern”, quote: “In Islam we have always lived in fear, afraid of God, afraid of sin, afraid of punishment. But Christ is the God of love.” One German pastor called these converts “gift of God”.

In the Church “House of God” in East Berlin converts to Christianity the Persians doubled meeting attendance.

“It all happened so suddenly, like summer rain. Suddenly new people started coming every week and ask to be baptized! — says the Deaconess of the Church “House of God” rosemary Goetz. — First, it’s only five or six Iranians. They were very noticeable, and we met them. Over time they brought their friends and neighbors.”

This year, Germany experienced a “surge” of Islam. Muslims conducted a nationwide campaign to hand out Korans in this country that can say that had his back turned to biblical Christianity. But Iranian immigrants, or Persians, have already experienced the darkness and oppression of Islam in their country, they crave freedom and joy of Christianity.

“In Tehran I met several times with friends in the underground house Church, and there we spoke about Jesus. We even tried to study the Bible, sometimes the Bible itself,” — says the Iranian Christian Michael.

All the Persians with whom we spoke to accepted Christ in Iran, and then were forced either to flee or to fear prison or death.

“I went to a meeting in a house Church when he saw the police near the apartment and decided not to enter. Then I called my mom and she said, “You the police were looking for”. Therefore, the relatives have helped me to flee the country,” says Iranian Christian David.

“Still living in Iran, I wanted to be a Christian, says Nafisah. But Iran is really difficult to learn anything about Christianity. Muslims are forbidden to become Christians, and it is very difficult. I had to leave my parents, so I lost the house and family.”

According to rosemary, the Persians were surprised to find so many Germans disinterested in Christianity.

“Most of them became Christians in Iran and know more about Christianity than you would expect. In a sense they have “overtaken”, as they have managed to be persecuted for Christ. They quickly figured out that many Germans only called Christians, and are disappointed that those who take religious freedom for granted,” says rosemary Goetz.

Some Germans are suspicious of such new converts as the baptized can help a refugee stay in Germany to avoid deportation. So sister rosemary makes converts of the Persians to undergo serious training of the Bible.

“I really suspected that some of them want to be baptized only in order to obtain a residence permit in Germany. But it turned out that this was the case only a few of them. In fact, some of those who have already been baptized, come to our lessons on the basics of faith for the baptized for the fourth time,” she says.

It is unknown how many immigrant Persians became Christians and joined churches in Germany, but this phenomenon has become a national phenomenon and is calculated in thousands. In “House of God” it has enlivened the meeting.

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