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June 22, in Kiev near the Parliament and across the street to the Cabinet of Ministers has extended family all-Ukrainian protest. More than two thousand Christians, family activists, Ukrainian families came into the government quarter, to attract the attention of the Central authorities, the website LPG. More photos HERE.

The protesters came out for two reasons… First: 17 June, police beat and detained participants of peaceful protests against the so-called gay pride parade. Thus had violated the rights of Ukrainian citizens to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful Assembly. “March of equality on the blood – black day in modern Ukrainian history,” – say the protesters. The protesters demanded that the perpetrators of the bloodshed are held accountable for their actions.

And the second reason: the Ministry of education and science is implementing in the educational process of gender ideology, allows foreign funds and organizations to rewrite the textbooks. Among other things, implemented attempts to remove from the curricula of the words “Papa” and “Mama” as well as mention of the natural traditional family. The Ministry of education is trying to reflash the children, depriving them of any basic identity: gender, national, religious. Citizens demanded that the relevant Ministry stopped the criminal experiments on the worldview and identity of children, the government abolished the so-called “anti-discrimination examination” textbooks as unscientific and ideological.

To support a nationwide family-the protest also people’s deputies of Ukraine. In particular, the word support at the rally said Yuri Timoshenko, Igor Moseychuk, Oleg Barna, Mikhail Golovko, Victor Krivenko, Oksana Korchynska, Alexander Dekhtyarchuk, Oleg Medunitsa. Deputy Pavel Unguryan summed up: “we All are United in the protection of the family and family values, the protection of society: the coalition, the opposition – everyone. We don’t need parades unconventional. Ukraine is not supported! The Parliament does not support it!” Also Oksana Bilozir told about what you need to do to Parliament for the preservation of the family: “we Need to demand that revived the Ministry for family Affairs. The government is very guilty in front of his people. Such actions are very helpful to us politicians to act more confidently. Because healthy family first!”. And Deputy Oleg Musiy called the “equality parade” – the parade of hemodilator.

The action came the deputies of the local happy from Rivne and Rivne region, Sumy and other cities. And also entire delegations went family, public figures, activists of Rivne, Donetsk, Sumy, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, Khmelnytsky, Kherson, Kyiv and other oblasts. People were holding banners with slogans: “equality March on blood – face of LGBT and Gender ideology – not science”, “mon, rasurada not our children!”, “This is a warning protest. The patience of Ukrainians borders”, “Gay pride parades on the blood – shame MIA” and others.
Joined priests, pastors, chaplains. How was the cleanup on the morning of 17 June at a peaceful protest against the gay pride parade, told Maria Menshova, beaten by police Christian: “I Thank God that we all came out alive. I thought I was going to fall and I just trampled”.

After a long picket near the Supreme For the protesters split… One part went to the office of the Ombudsman demanded the dismissal of Pilipishina Aksana, the representative of the Ombudsman, which sought to remove Pro-family petitions from authority sites. The second part went to the Ministry of education and science to talk about the gender analysis of textbooks. “We sing the song “Ridna Mati Moya”. Now you will need to alter the words and sing: “Ridny relative miy!”?”, – ask the protesters.

“Citizens of Ukraine felt threatened. On the one hand they are beaten because they come to the defense of the institution of the family. On the other hand, their children are trying to brainwash in schools, depriving them of any identity: gender, national, religious. That is why the Ukrainian mobilization is now dynamic, Ukrainians will not allow it. Protection of the family becomes national idea in Ukraine” – underlines Ruslan Kukharchuk, the leader of the movement “All the time – for family, Yu!”

Photographers: Olga Golubenko, Den Sinelnykov

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