Three-in-one and the “Apple reader” – how to carry out Rescue work, if you follow the advice of the media

You can buy media on the eve of the feast of the Transfiguration? “Pravmir” publishes a compilation of weird and funny answers to search requests – enjoy!

As in previous years, the secular media are the answers to mystical queries of readers. Called Apple Spas the perfect day for divination, and the serpent-tempter is the chief Advisor in matters of the heart… do Not believe them!



One of my favorite holiday words in this day, “no.” However, the publication has gently warned that “special prohibitions” in this day no, and… roll out a list of the 7 superstition.


Savior of the Apple feast is coming! And again something impossible. We will remind that not to partake of the fruits of the new harvest, the pious tradition, and nothing more. On this day we thank God for the new crop, and no “bad characters” and serious consequences for violation of this custom is not.


Why not try to do without apples? What will happen in the end?!


“Great holidays” – so, according to the newspaper, it is appropriate to call all three of our Saviour. Well, tastes differ… However, here the author clarifies to Whom they are dedicated.

But the authors of “sweet holidays” focused on omens and rituals.

As reported by the regional newspaper, in every corner of Russia have their own Spas. The tradition of assignment of such holidays be observed in many areas of the country.

For example, the inhabitants of Mordovia ask the philosophical question, what can they do. It is not entirely clear that they are confused is a hard choice between the Orthodox and the people’s name or just not satisfied with the date of the celebration?



In Penza, think globally: where the holiday – there is a place battles! Rappers to invite, apparently, considered not very relevant, but the harmonica please!

While the band will measure the heart, the hostess will prepare meals. Well, what a trifle: if the Charlotte – so a two-meter!

Even bigger: numerous common names, apparently, did not suit the penzentsy, and here’s a new twist – a Large Regional Spas. Who is more?!

And in Omsk showed particular ingenuity – has decided to celebrate three spas in one day, so three times, apparently not to get up.

In the river is not just “three in one”, they still need to be prepared. Of course, not beating questions that can and cannot be.


In Bryansk the festival will be dedicated to choosing the best Apple. I wonder how much it needs to touch the fruit. But also to try!

Apparently, the idea scared its scope the administration, and because of the competition for the best Apple in the city will block traffic. And the culprit knows who the Orthodox believers that this day “will be celebrated Apple Spas”…

Cultural institutions will hold their “rescue” of the event. Alas, Volgograd pull three of the Savior, the Museum invites only two. Bread Saved – is another popular name of the feast of the transfer of the miraculous image of the Savior. Oh, those delicious-sweet names, one can easily get lost!

And we are back in Bryansk, which has clearly decided to approach the occasion with the utmost seriousness: “Apple reader” – this is not some children’s master-class.


But in Moscow the library all the easier, “the Magic Apple”, “Garden history”, but “education perfect” in quotation marks is a bit scary.

Of course, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord cannot stay away from the sport, decided in Pskov. The rescue exercises, flash mob dance, relay races, why not?

In maternity home of Vladivostok has decided to support the Orthodox tradition, beautifully linking the meaning of the prayer at the consecration of the new harvest of the “fruits of love” – children who are patients at heart.

As in previous years, the residents of these regions amused us with strict adherence to Apple’s traditions, and publications pleased with the creativity in writing headlines. Perhaps it is time to remind about the true meaning of the holiday, if anyone is still interested in it.

Why Save?

Apple Saved – the popular name of the Orthodox feast of the Transfiguration. It’s simple: the Savior is the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. Saved is the name and not an outlandish name Apple carnival where we tried to convince the headlines.

What are we celebrating?

On 19 August the Church celebrates the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ before the disciples on mount Tabor. The Transfiguration is translated from Greek as “the transformation into another form” or “shape change”. On mount Tabor the apostles saw the divine Transfiguration of Christ, the manifestation of His Majesty and glory. The Saviour’s face became like lightning, his clothing white as snow. He stood, glowing as the sun rays. The Savior appeared to the two prophets – Moses and Elijah – and talked with Him.

Thus, the faith of the disciples was strengthened and prepared for the challenge of the upcoming suffering and death of the Savior.

What’s apples?

The custom to consecrate this day of “firstfruits” comes from the old Testament, when, according to the Law of Moses — “the Firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of the Lord thy God” (ex.23:19) — the Temple in Jerusalem as a sign of gratitude to God to bring forth a new crop: cereals and vines. Where the grapes are not growing, it was replaced by apples. Hence the popular name of the holiday — Apple Spas.

What you can and cannot do in this day?

You can do whatever makes the Christian conscience, as in any other day of the year. Decided to come to Church, participate in worship, confession and communion of Holy communion, after the service there is the blessing of the fruit, including your favorite apples. Some consecrate grapes, plums, peaches and even watermelons!

What, no signs?

No! Christ has already Saved you, what signs can be more important and stronger?

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