“Through music I feel alive” – is back can’t walk, but that does not stop her from singing

Alfin Freest, Italian Opera singer with cerebral palsy, became world famous after the recording of her performance in the Church of Sant-Agata-di-Catania scored several million views.

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Alpine Freest 28 years old, she cannot walk and uses a wheelchair, on video during a speech she made to stand and hold the microphone. The stronger the surprise of the audience, when seemingly weak woman begins to sing strong and pure operatic voice.

Have Alpine spastic tetraparesis – in this form of cerebral palsy do not work hands and feet. Her mother Antonella said, that her daughter’s “strength of a warrior” and she has never allowed his disability to stop yourself in achieving your own goals.

In childhood the girl had several surgeries but they did not bring noticeable improvement. After that, says Antonella, her daughter asked us to stop worrying about what went wrong, and “focus on the future.”
Now she often speaks, sings and inspires other people with disabilities not to withdraw into themselves. Alfin has partnered with the organization of the Neon Cultural Association that has been supporting people with disabilities in their quest to make art. In the video, the woman who brought world fame, supported by the President of the Association Stefania Licciardello.

Back who became a star thanks to his video, told reporters that he did not expect so much attention, but happy that her passion is making other people happy.

“I just did what I do best and what makes me happier,’ she says. – Through music I feel alive”.

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