Through the educational “Workshop” historical Park “Russia – my story” was 70 thousand visitors


Since the launch of the educational program “Shop” in the historical Park “Russia-My story” it’s been more than a year. During this time 70 000 visitors (students, pupils and their parents) are participating in weekly creative activities of various kinds. Master classes, film screenings, themed tours, historical re-enactments, meetings with famous people, multimedia exhibits, theatrical performances total number of more than 300 activities were a clear example of the interest of the residents of the capital to exciting and rewarding holiday. According to numerous requests of visitors the educational “Workshop” continues its work and invites everyone on 11 and 12 August in the “Creative laboratory” where the historic Park is waiting for new reasons to put your creativity and discover new talents.

On Saturday, August 11, will be held master-class “Painting the Dymkovo toy”. A distinctive style, a deep figurative scenes and virtuoso painting is distinguished by world-famous Dymkovo toys. To learn to understand and distinguish types and kinds of painting techniques and create your first toy will be the participants of the master class. This kind of creativity helps develop aesthetic perception, sense of rhythm, color, and to expand their knowledge of the decorative arts, will give everyone the opportunity to feel like a folk artist. Your creation you can take home with them.


Sunday, August 12, everyone will be able to attend a master class on hand-sculpting and creating with clay tiles. It will help to exercise your imagination and make original products that can not be found on the shelves of the store, on your own taste. Experienced craftsmen are happy to share their skills and tell how to prepare the clay for work, how to use sculpture tools, also telling about the history of this ancient craft. Spectacular, durable, colorful tiles have become an ornament of hundreds of chambers and temples of ancient Russia. So touch with the story and leave its mark on her could be anyone.


On Saturday, August 11, will host the theatrical play “Olga”, which tells about the history of the reign of Princess Olga the wife of Igor Rurikovich and Svyatoslav’s mother. To learn the fate of strong and tough ruler who became a symbol of his time, as if the events of ancient history was unfolding before your eyes, will help the experimental format of storytelling enjoying continued popularity with visitors to the Park. To bring something new to the portrait of the ruler, you can use the expositions of the historical Park and actors of the “Studio stories”.

Thematic tour time of Peter the great “Window to Europe”, the good old film screenings and area historical reconstruction will be a good gift in honor of overcoming the record and will spend time in the company of interesting guides, good domestic films, and unique items from the early 20th century.


Entrance to all events is on the site of the Park in the framework of the educational Workshop is free.

The schedule of events on the website

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