To complete the restoration of the frescoes of the Mirozhsky monastery in Pskov is planned before the end of the year


Restoration work for the conservation of monumental painting in the Pskov Mirozhsky monastery of XII century is scheduled for completion before December 25, 2018, by this time professionals need to refurbish the murals in two rooms of the monastery temple – the altar and Diakonie, reports TASS. This is stated in the published on the website of public procurement conditions of contract for the preservation of monumental painting at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of the monastery.

The work was FGKU “North-Western Directorate for construction, reconstruction and restoration”.

The monastery complex is the only in Russia, where in the Cathedral is the best preserved frescoes of pre-Mongol period. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of Mirozhsky monastery is the oldest building preserved in Pskov and surroundings, researchers have dated the building of the Church between 1137 and 1143 years. The frescoes of the Cathedral of the Mirozhsky monastery was created simultaneously with the construction of the Church and survived until the seventeenth century, when they were Zabelina. Their existence became known only in 1856, when during the renovation of the Cathedral, timed to coincide with his semiotici, under the caved areas of whitewash were opened and fragments of frescoes.

“The main types and stages of work – the restoration of the frescoes (the altar and deconnick, North-Western and South-Western areas of the quadrangle). Completion date 25 Dec 2018”, – stated in the document. Under the terms of the contract, the cost of restoration work exceeds 1.7 million.

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