To help your neighbor simply on the Savior came a new category “it is too late”


“It is too late” – another topic for the news program “New day” on TV channel “Spas”, which helps to raise funds for the treatment of children and adults with cancer. This is the story of the struggle of those who faced serious illness are examples of the indifference of those who did not remain aloof from help.

The TV channel “Spas” continues to tell about people caught in difficult life situations, and how they can be helped before it’s too late. This time the authors of the rubric “Until later” decided to draw famous people, which thanks to its name and personal example will help to inspire other good deeds.

The hero of the first story, 13-year-old Yasha Lubchenco from the village of Pervomayskoye, Altai Krai, chondrosarcoma — bone cancer. Boy, long treated in Barnaul and Moscow, but the treatment did not bring results. After another examination, the doctors agreed that total joint replacement by endoprosthesis is worth more than two million rubles. This amount is not lifting for the grandmother of the pensioner who is alone raising a grandchild. About the situation Yasha found out the famous hockey player, Olympic champion Ilya Kovalchuk. Selling expensive foreign car, the athlete not only made a donation for the purchase of prosthesis for the boy, but also supported James before and after surgery, repeatedly visited him, brought gifts. “No matter what kind of car, the most important thing when you look into the eyes of these kids, you know that you’re at least a little bit can help, it is much more expensive. I hope you know, I am sure that this is not the last assistance from our side. We will try to maintain a relationship with Yash, and with other guys, and the opportunity to participate, to help,” – said Ilya Kovalchuk.

Topic “Until later” is published every week in the news program “New day” (19:00) on TV channel “Spas”. All subjects, as well as details for those wishing to support the heroes of the rubric can be found on the website of the TV channel

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