To survive Filipinos after Typhoon help Christian organizations

For the Philippines the super Typhoon passed. It has killed 74 people and at least 40 people are still missing. Thousands were left without a roof over your head. The CBN team was among the first who was able to help and comfort victims of the Typhoon.

Jekyll was Basail grieved over the death of his brother. He died because of a landslide, when supertyphoon “Manghal” struck their village.

“It’s terrible. My brother was sleeping when the mountain suddenly shifted and destroyed our house,” says the victim of the hurricane Jekyll was Becivil.

Brother and sister Jekyll was among the 74 victims of the Typhoon. In the neighboring village of rescuers are searching for survivors and bodies missing. In this time of tragedy, a team assisting the CBN arrived at the scene not only to provide material assistance to the bereaved families, but also to share hope, comfort and God’s love.

The villagers are grateful that the staff of CBN brought them rice, pasta, milk and other products. It was also a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of salvation with the survivors and pray for their recovery.

“My grandmother said that she was pleased that you came all this way to visit us. Thank you so much. It became easier after your prayers. You reminded us that with God’s help we will cope with these difficulties,” continues Jekyll.

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