“To survive” in difficulties: what they need and how to be a winner?

How often do we hear the question of why God allowed this or that situation? Moreover, going through difficulties, we are often asking the same question. As a rule, it is difficult for us to find an answer, because usually these situations make us unawares. But why still need difficulties and how to pass them?

While in the next issue, seeing “clear” output that we can’t understand why the difficulty, if uninvited guest, broke into our house. As a rule, people begin to blame God, each other, or even yourself.

Yes, of course, some things come through our fault or other people. In such moments it is necessary to stop, to try to identify the cause of the troubles, and, of course, to change course. That is, if you don’t want again such incidents, you have to reconsider your actions and to eliminate the catalyst for things to come. Not always easy to do, because sometimes we are not even aware that it is our actions provoked the problem. Usually our wrong doing, sin is also “open doors” for such problems.

When other people have an influence on certain events in our lives, we begin to accuse them, sometimes for a very long period of time. But, as a rule, does not bear absolutely no benefit. Other people can even disagree with you and still not admit his guilt. However, being in the vortex of these events, too, can find a way out. First, stop blaming this or that person, to forgive him. To admit that not everything in this life we can predict and even more control. Everyone makes mistakes, including yourself. If we knew everything in advance, then not much has happened in our lives, there would be difficulties. And we very much need. And if you understand what they need, then you will differently look at them, and when they will come, you will start to extract something useful that they can bring. It all depends on you.

To blame a God? Probably, the first Who, in the opinion of the people most often to blame, is God. At least by asking the question of why God allowed the challenge, Willy-nilly, people still thinks to himself, “If everything is in the hands of God, if He controls everything, why did He let this happen? Definitely have it?”

In the Bible, no wonder shows all the situations that we go through. It is in order to give us to understand that we are not the first pass is the most important thing is really to go. Again, it all depends on your decision. Let us remember the case of job. He had literally everything possible for a human to dream. But gradually he begins to lose, starting from the material, ending with the most expensive – children and health. Only in this case, we see another reason for the difficulties. When no one was to blame, job led a righteous life. And the main culprit was the devil. The devil by nature hates man and tries to slip problems and to knock people out of the way. And not the fact that job made a mistake. Again, while we are on earth, we need to soberly assess the situation and understand that in addition to our missteps, the enemy is also trying to hurt us. Job clearly understood this. Therefore, passing through “death valley”, he never cursed God. Despite the fact that everyone was talking about it: circumstances, friends, and even his wife. In the end, it ended up that, passing this way, job was rewarded by the Lord for his faithfulness and steadfastness.

What was the point? How job managed not to blame God, to take such serious losses and stay with the right heart? It’s all in the attitude. Most importantly – why we are in desperate need of difficulties, so it is in the first place, so we were grateful and clearly differentiates the difficult times from the good. After all, think for yourself, if in your life everything is always fine, would appreciate you? You would need God? Probably not. After all, we humans are so constituted by nature that truly cherish the fact that paid a price.

Further, going through difficulties, you notice that something in you has changed? After a time, the other on some things, and moreover, even grateful to these circumstances for this. After all, if you haven’t, then there would be all the good that came after the failure. Thus, there is a chain of events, removing one of the links lost would be the whole line. Because sometimes, God allows us to lose something, to give us a lot more. Sometimes we hold onto something, not over-the-counter, not noticing that there are a lot better. As a rule, “good is the enemy of best.” Usually it is difficult for us to let go of this “good”, even painful. But in doing so, over time, we’re glad that we were able to do it. Because we received something special in return.

Melting. One of the most important advantages in passing difficulties. Every time you experiencing some problems, realizing that this may bring to you, you’ll notice how to develop new qualities of character, as you become stronger, braver, stronger, and compassionate. Moreover, when you will walk worthy of your “storm” and find out, you will be able to help others in this.

Of course, their own people are not able to survive. But it is in these situations God is closer to us all. We are stronger tend to It and consequently at this time make It even more expresses to us His love and comfort. This is a special point in the relationship. After all, when the child something happens, and he runs to her father, at this time they feel a special closeness between each other. And is this not really important? So, do not forget in times of difficulty even more open heart to the Lord, spending time with Him and study His word. Find Scriptures “victory” from the Bible and start each day to say them. Word can create and has the power to change everything. Therefore proclaim the right things and you will see victory. Again, if the problem does not came, I would know you Lord, as Redeemer? He wants to reveal Himself to you, in such moments, coming to It you know it.

The difficulty is only a springboard to higher achievements. Taking them adequately, identify all the benefits, you will see how you will look at life in a completely different light.

Anna Sutorina especially for GOD.NEWS



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