To the exam to prove you’re the best – you need to wipe the chair to the holes

“If you want to achieve something with the huge competition, which is now need to fight hard” – how to define the curriculum, not to overwork and to prove in the exam that you are the best. Says the Archimandrite Andrei (Konnos).


  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): We are constantly waiting for something and demand
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): Nerves no change
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): to Achieve good selfishness
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): do Not achieve desired scores
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): We have been expected from bad people

If you feel that you can do more – do more

Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos)

And now I’m telling you, my friend: all will be well. I mean, will you pass these exams. Believe that you will pass! And your next question again the answer is: “Yes!” “I will go where I want it?” “Yes, will do.” Will go not just somewhere, but exactly where I want to study was a joy. On the faculty and in the University where you want to study.

I’ll pray about it. Because I think you deserve it. Because you tried the last effort and did everything you could. And now the tension is exhausting you, that everything is seen in black, the dark color. But for the time that you did, were you able to bridge the gaps in their knowledge. And now, no matter how much time was left before the exams – days, weeks, or months – I’m sure you will spend this time with maximum benefit for themselves, doing everything in your power. The main thing here is to develop a system. Agree?

When you sit down to do, outlined his program. And then note the time. Yes, put in front of him a clock and say: “Two hours I do without a break. Then pause – a half-hour or hour. And then back to practice and do three hours.” And so every day.

The main thing – a clear program. And to reach here you need to the very limit. Almost to exhaustion, but not to overwork.

To overwork or ill. Just set your boundaries, your limits. In other words, if you feel that you can do more – do more.

Try harder. Because the entrance exam is very important. Now it’s not about any tests for ten minutes. We’re talking about exams, which, fortunately or unfortunately, determine your future. Now you’re only eighteen, and your future depends on these exams.

You need to be the best. Have to say it, to prove

You know, I will tell about myself. I’m a theologian, the theologian. And my current path was defined when, one fine June day in 1988, I came to pass the entrance exams to the University. This month, this year has defined my future. And now I live, work and earn a living from their work. That was predetermined back then. This is very important. So now I need you to put effort. Need – if you want to do. You don’t have to, but if you want to try. But you wouldn’t drop everything, put down the books, turn on the TV, buy a kebab and go for a walk. Don’t do anything.

If you want to achieve something with the huge competition, which is now need to fight hard.

Yes, nowadays competition is very high, modern life is a continuous race where everyone is ready to swallow up the other. Notice how children respond to different television shows. Ask them: “are You sure you’re the best? Sure you can do that?” And the boys answer: “Yes.” Because if they say, “No, you know I’m not the best. There are better than me, and I’m not sure that I will win”, for them the game is over, they lost. You need to be the best. Have to say it, prove it, live it and believe in your victory. To make the impossible possible, to achieve it.

If all these arguments seem like nonsense – well, I think so. But there is no other way. Unless you can find some alternative and do something else in life. Not everyone should go to University! However, what I’m saying, because you have already chosen your path and prepare for exams. So keep on fighting! Now, after all the work, it’s time to give it their all. Once embarked on this path of higher education – do what you can! There are no other solutions.

When I was preparing for exams, that turned the house into a real skit

When I was a senior, happened to me that usually I wish all the students. “Learn it to the holes!” – familiar phrase? Exactly what I did. In the room where I worked, there was a chair draped. And when the school year came to an end, I noticed that the fabric on the seat was worn into holes. Had to carry the chair in a furniture workshop, where it was re-upholstered.

That is, I haven’t got up from that chair, because it is constantly engaged. I turned the house into a monastery, forbidding her parents to invite guests. Made home remark: “Say, please, keep quiet! Turn down the sound on the television! Let me sleep! Do not slam doors!” And so on.

Why am I acting like that? Because it gave all power to their cause.

It’s necessary to give everything. Everything.

I’ll tell you something else. If you want to live it better, do it later. Get in, where you need it. And then live as you like. But now dive into this madness – entrance exams. And then relax, stay calm, measured.

In no other way. It’s like a train – fast train, which I managed to run – all remained on the platform, he was gone. I’m not saying it’s good. No, it’s not a perfect life. But because we live on earth, not in a quiet Paradise where you can write poetry, enjoying nature, the birds singing, and the nostalgia, we have to participate in modern madness – at least for a couple of years. And then you can relax and do what you enjoy.

Here to tell us more about yourself. Don’t mind? What I do now – theology, radio broadcasts, conversations, teaching, – gives me pleasure, I enjoy it. Nobody makes – and I want to do. To me all this joy. Turns out, it is a pleasure and work is one and the same. However, before I come to that, before my hobby became my job (can you imagine? I get my hobby money!) I also used hard. Had to do extremely tiring and unpleasant.

You know? And you will eventually start to have fun. Only fun it feels much better when you’re already on the second level. And the first step is when you’re forced to do monotonous, boring, boring and unpleasant things that most likely do not meet your emotional needs. What can I do? There is no other way. If you need something else – try to do something else.

So here’s what I want to say: do your best and succeed. Believe what happens. See for yourself. God loves you. And I ask you: believe in what I told you. Because God loves you.


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