Tomos helped the President to raise the rating in the presidential race.

The President Of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The rating of Petro Poroshenko in recent times has increased due to the events around Thomas, I’m sure Irina Bekeshkina.

28 December 2018 published the results of opinion polls, according to which the rating of the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, reported the Internet-the edition “Left coast”.

Head carried out the survey of the Fund “Democratic initiatives” named after I. Kucheriv Irina Bekeshkina links the increase of supporters of Poroshenko with the events around Thomas.

“16% among those who are willing to go to the polls to vote for Yulia Tymoshenko. Next is Petro Poroshenko, whose rating in that time has grown. I think it’s primarily due to the events of Thomas”, – said the expert.

Voiced Bekeshkinoy data obtained after a survey 2 017 adult Ukrainians. Respondents were interviewed in all regions of Ukraine from 19 to 25 December.

According to another conducted by the Foundation for sociological research, 24% of the adult population of Ukraine considers the establishment of the PCU and receive Thomas major political event of the expiring 2018.

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