“Train up a child in the way he should”

What to teach and how to teach our children? This topic is particularly relevant at the beginning of the new academic year. Problems of modern schools and concerned teachers, students and their parents. Today we decided to look at this problem through the eyes of a high school teacher, for their work is the most important – they teach future teachers. Our guest is associate Professor of the Mari pedagogical Institute. N. K. Krupskaya, candidate of pedagogical Sciences Novoselova Irina Igorevna

– Tell, please, You agree that the outcome of the study depends largely on what kind of relationship will be established between student and teacher?

Yes, I would even say that, ideally, communication between student and teacher enriches both. Therefore, all students wish to keep good relations with your teachers. Let there reigns a spirit of criticism and the spirit of love and respect. This will help you quickly and surely to acquire knowledge. And even if you think that the teacher possesses all the good qualities that should be possessed, look for the first “the mote in your own eye” and remember that a good student can get from even a bad teacher is much more than a bad student from a good.

– We all have different inclinations. Someone prefers the exact Sciences, some Humanities. What important science, in your opinion, should young people learn in school?

– Whatever knowledge you prefer, knowledge is not the primary acquisition of education. In the process of learning trains the mind, the acquired ability for independent thinking, born of willpower and responsibility. Do not try to empty eloquence. Let the distinctive features of your speech will be short, the consistency and the abundance of new ideas. Let your interests do not limit themselves to one subject. Our mind is created capable to master various Sciences and in practical life you will always come in handy mindedness.

In your research You much focus on the physical and moral health of the individual. And, probably, Your main task is to teach future teachers to take responsibility for their own health and the health of schoolchildren?

– Yes, and of course, health is the most important thing, what I would like to wish all pupils and students for the upcoming academic year.

– I would like to get from You some tips on a healthy lifestyle.

– When we talk about health, we make a great mistake if you do not pay attention to three important aspects.

The first is time. Today, when our life is characterized by the hustle and bustle, it is very important to led your time and not time led us. Then we will learn how to optimally use power, without draining your body.

Second tip: safer to refer to the failure. The main exams are not in the classroom. Main exam – this is the life you have to live with dignity. And success here depends not so much on encyclopedic knowledge (although they are, of course, also important), but on the state of the spirit. I really like the motto, which I recommend to adhere to our dear students: “one must Live simply and think highly”.

The third factor. Health is influenced by any interaction with the environment: water, food, air, sunlight. But few people think about the fact that our health is affected by the information we absorb. Even the wise Solomon said, “the most stored keep your heart for out of it are the issues of life.” If the child is uncontrollably absorbs all the negative information that flows pours through the computer and television screens, this can not be reflected adversely on his health. Therefore it is necessary to teach young people from a young age to choose only positive information – that which lifts your spirit and ennobles you.

And, of course, there are plenty of theories and ideas, it may be reasonable to choose that based on sources, the truth of which is tested for centuries and millennia. I think I will never make the mistake of those young people who will build their lives on eternal Christian principles of kindness, love and justice.

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