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Happiness is a topic that is worth discussing, because its absence leads to depression. And depression is the cause of many diseases. Christian narcologist and psychiatrist Yuri Bondarenko shares the secrets of a happy life.

1. Happiness should be today. It is not necessary to wait that it will come sometime later, like when we paid off the loan. If you haven’t been happy in a hurry! The day will end very soon. Time for happiness — now.

2. Happiness love peace. It is very important to do in life pause to reflect in silence about the most important. It is in these moments of silence we get a visit from God.

3. Happiness — to make gifts, to share with people. The Bible says, “it is more Blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Happiness does not become less when shared. Smile to each other, say kind words. Smile acts on challenges as well as the sun on the clouds. Remember: if the sun in the morning did not get up, that sun is you.

4. Happiness is not to demand perfection from others, and to look at the person through his imperfections. Give people the right to be wrong. Even God gave people this right. Jesus Christ today in the heavenly Sanctuary, to ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness for our sins. When we pray in the name of Jesus and ask for forgiveness, He sees us not the sinner, but the likeness of His Son. The love of God for us is amazing. Let us also love our neighbors.

5. Happiness — is to turn off the TV and start reading books. Science has proven that the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for decision making, will power, planning, etc. Through them heaven communicates with man. Watching TV weakens the work of the frontal lobes. Media tend to control the mass consciousness. Books, by contrast, bring in people ability to analyze, form the personality. The greatest of books is the Word of God, the Bible. This Book is a source of happiness.

6. Happiness is to rejoice in temptation, and to believe until the end. When you face challenges in life — financial, family, school, work, then great happiness to hear how God says, “I did not leave you”. A bliss to fully trust in God’s protection and care.

7. Happiness is to let go and give control to God. You’ll be unhappy as long as you feel that you are happy other people do. You won’t be happy until tie their happiness to the person. Can a man escape from life quite leave your life. We cannot allow together with the man of your life is gone happiness. If you worry about someone, begin your day with thoughts about this person, then you are in danger to become dependent on this person. Monitor your thoughts. Love people, but give problems under control to God.

8. Happiness is to pray. God knows better what is happening in our lives. God lives outside time, He sees the past, present and future. When we pray for someone or for their problem, God answers prayer. Happiness is to see the invisible God and know that God is with you.

9. Happiness — to be happy. Happy people are happy with what they have. Good to want something, but it is bad to tie yourself to this desire. Learn to be a happy person in every circumstance.

10. Happiness is to enjoy simple things. For example, if you move your feet and hands, remember nick Vujcic, who is without legs, without arms, holds conferences and gathers hundreds of thousands of people! He really a happy man. What makes him happy? Not that he is without hands and feet, and the fact that he knows that he has hands and feet in the Kingdom of God! And because it can be a miracle for those who have hands and feet, but they say, “Lord, it’s bad!” Try to see these simple things. Get yourself a gratitude journal. Write down three gratitude’s every day, and at the end of the year when you will re-read it, you will be the happiest person. The little joys that friends true happiness. Remember that happiness in life as much as you will be able to notice it.

Train your joy and happiness constantly. And remember that God loves you. Be happy!

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