From 20 to 25 may 2017 in the Kiev region took place the fourth annual conference of the educational projects of the international organization “orphans Promise”.

A picturesque place near the town of Radomyshl was attended by 127 representatives of 14 educational centers from all regions of Ukraine. Once again the teams from Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Uzhgorod and other cities of the country had the opportunity to share with each other the joy of meeting and experience in solving problems that arise in a difficult field of Ministry to children.

“I see this versatility, which each in their talents, abilities and skills might have something to do good for children, and I like it”, — shares his impressions of the meeting, the head of the educational center “of Promise orphan” in Berdyansk Mr Moses.

“A lot of new friends. And there is a feeling of a large scale work throughout the organization, — says Bogdan Radchenko from Vinnitsa. — Sometimes, at home, fixated on some issues, their own problems and it seems that little is happening. And when you come to these conferences, God renews you, gives you a new look, ideas, inspiring.”

“Each center is unique in its work. Even looking at this, realize that in this diversity there is unity, — says Eugene Chekushkin from Ternopil. And the unity which we achieve one goal: reach those children, the people who need it.”

This year the conference focused on a particularly acute problem: working with children and adolescents that have experienced serious psychological trauma. Addressed such topics as “Socio-pedagogical diagnostics and creating an individual plan to help the child”, “Biographical work with children.”

The speakers of the conference were representatives of the “Centre of competence development in pedagogy injury” Juliana Dolinak and Natalia Pashko. They shared serious professional tools that will help in the future more competently and effectively work with at-risk children.

The participants of the conference with great zeal was staralis to carry out complex practical tasks of training, aspiring to increase their professional level. Because in the end, each of them is interested in a quality skilled care to the wounded children and adolescents with whom they work in their regions. And this is the main task of the organization “orphans Promise” is to promote a holistic healthy generation, able to build his life in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.

“Now I get the deep information and understanding of how to approach these children, what are their needs, what is the best way I can help them to climb, to support and to teach”, — says the participant of the conference Lydia Gorchakov.

The youngest participant of the conference Yuri Amit 18 years. He came from Mukachevo (the Transcarpathian region) This cute guy recently he was a pupil of Mukachevo Roma educational center. And today he teaches computer literacy and wants to become a teacher of the Hungarian language for children in his native encampment. This vividly shows a tremendous success in the development of educational projects “of Promise orphan” in Ukraine.

“I learned a lot of new here. And for me it is very, very important, because in the future I will be better able to teach children, — says Yuri Amit. But the most important thing for me is that in addition to the children I will be able to work with teenagers. Actually, I’ve been trying to work with young people, but now I have the necessary knowledge, and I will definitely use what have learned here”.

The conference is over. But for a long time will remain in the memory of the warmth of its friendly atmosphere. We can safely say that the team “Promise orphan” Ukraine has become a real big family, formed 10 years of the existence of not only a serious and thoughtful approach to work, but and the wonderful tradition of the annual meetings where you can share experience, inexhaustible energy and creative ideas.

“It’s an incredible feeling when the demands and challenges we face, I know not only in Ukraine, in Kiev, and abroad, — says the head of the center in Vinnitsa Michael Babiak. And prayed for dozens of people and supported dozens of people not only prayer, but also by the Council, if necessary, and finances. It’s an incredible feeling that really it’s God’s job. And even if you withdraw any of the existing links in our chain, the overall objective will still be achieved because the total organism “of Promise orphan” will work”.

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