The second and most important stop on a tour of the President to the centers of world religions has become Israel. Mr. trump spoke about trying to achieve what failed to do a: the peace agreement between Israel and its enemies.

“For peace in the middle East”. How many times have we heard this already? But can anything be changed now, with the arrival on the scene of President trump? The peace process has never had a member like him. Before becoming President, Donald trump was one of the best world experts as part of the agreement. Now he came to Israel with the hope to conclude what he calls “the ultimate deal” — peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This is not an easy task. There are a lot of stumbling blocks, but one thing is certain: all roads lead through Jerusalem.
However, the main stumbling block to reaching any agreement about the existence of the two States is that the Holy city as their capital I think both Palestinians and Israelis. The official position of the United States — consider it a disputed territory. But even as a candidate, trump said the “CBN News” that he was ready to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“I’m for it one hundred percent! We’re a hundred percent!”, he said.

However, as President, he included the “reverse”, in an interview in January.

“Of course, this possibility exists. But we conduct very thorough research on this issue and will soon release a statement. I love to do research. It’s not mine! — Sounded in an interview. I just used to do what you think is right. And this question should be viewed from two sides. And it’s hard.”

After all, such a provocative move could disrupt the peace process even before it starts. In the end this visit without any statements about the Embassy, of course, disappointed many Israelis and Evangelical Christians in the United States.
And yet trump has made history, becoming the first serving President to visit the Western wall, or wailing Wall. Someone thought it was a positive signal, although some of the administration of the tramp does not recognize the Wall for Israel. All this is a very sensitive process.

“Yes, it will be difficult. This is probably one of the most complex transactions. But I feel that we agree. I hope so,” said Donald trump.

“I look forward to beginning discussions and can already see many opportunities to negotiate,” — said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hope came from an unexpected quarter — from Iran. The administration believes that such Arab countries as Saudi Arabia, are ready to cooperate more closely with Israel and to act jointly against the common enemy, thereby promoting the peace process.

“He is to the soul. He wants to achieve such a great result could not be anyone of the previous presidents. But realities are realities, and not just in our politics here in the United States, but in the middle East,” says Walid Phares, a former adviser to trump in the election campaign. He advised the President of the United States on peace in the middle East.

Donald trump knows that he will have to try to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table. A meeting in Bethlehem with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was “probing the soil”.

“The problem is not between us and Judaism, and between us and the occupation,” says the President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

All the President trump tries not to reveal his cards. From him was not even a hint of what will be his plan for the peace process. And this is done intentionally, it’s part of his DNA. This begs the question: will his business and personal qualities sufficient to to bring this process to the finish line?

His tour to the centers of world religions, the President of the United States trump concluded in Rome. He met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, giving the Pope a set of books civil rights activist Martin Luther king. The Pope gave the Trump medal with an olive branch, a symbol of peace. The two leaders, who have had disagreements on issues such as immigration, and then held a private meeting.

By the way, Donald trump enjoys the reputation of a believer and a religious man, but during his visit to Jerusalem, he spoke of the human need for God and his prayers.

“Visiting the Western wall, I was amazed by this monument to God’s presence and the human resistance. I humbly put my hand on the Wall and prayed in this Holy place the wisdom of God. This is a city like no other in the world, reveals the desire of the human heart to know God and to worship Him. We see that God’s promise of healing has benefited so many people. I ask this promised land to join me, to fight with our common enemies, to keep our common values and protect the dignity of every child of God,” — said trump.

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