Trump has again brought Brett Cavanaugh to the position of judge of the Supreme court

For the second time in two years President of the trump nominates judges of the Supreme court. The Supreme court of America plays a Central role in the country. It judges render decisions on basic social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Christians welcome a new candidate who has the potential to in the coming decades to change the course of the court firmly on the conservative line.

Without a doubt, it was a historic moment for President trump. He came to represent in the Supreme court of its second candidate. During this event, scheduled for the best time of the day, the President, trump introduced judge Brett kavanaugh as their candidate to replace retired judge Anthony Kennedy.

“It’s not the political views of the judges, but will he be able to set those views aside to do what is required by the law and the Constitution. I am very pleased to say that, fortunately, found a man,” said the US President Donald trump.

Cavanaugh was elected from a group of 25 people. His appointment could be decisive and determine the position of the court for decades to come.

“My judicial philosophy is simple: the judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not to make it,” said Brett Cavanaugh.

The demonstrators gathered outside the Supreme court, expressed his disappointment with the President’s choice. Cavanaugh served in the court of appeals of Washington since 2006. He received a law degree from Yale University, worked as an assistant judge Kennedy and has to his credit more than three hundred court decisions.

“Tomorrow I start meeting with members of the Senate, which will play an important role in this process”, — said Cavanaugh.

Now the President, trump predicted that “battle” over the approval of a judge. The position is already determined. The majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell wants a vote took place until the fall, but the Democrats want to wait until after the midterm elections in November. With a slim majority and Senator John McCain, struggling with brain cancer at home, the Republicans need complete unity to push that candidate.

Democrats, objecting to the appointment of Kavanagh, claim that at stake is the right to abortion.

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