Tsunami in Indonesia: 1.5 million dead and 200 thousand in need of assistance

In Indonesia from the earthquake and tsunami killed a half thousand people and 200 thousand are in need to urgent help. Team “Operation blessing” was among the first to arrive.

Among the survivors of an earthquake measuring 7.5 points and subsequent tsunami, there is increased anxiety. More than 70 thousand people were relocated and now live in tents. Their homes destroyed element. Waiting for help, people began to plunder and wreak havoc. Clean water, food and medical care – that’s what they need in the first place.

Despite logistical difficulties, the staff of “Operation blessing” in Indonesia was able to deliver assistance to the survivors in Palu. They brought boxes of food, medicines and provided medical assistance to the sick and wounded.

This mother is glad that the doctor’s “Operation blessing” can check the stitches on the child’s forehead, before gangrene sets in. The woman finally examined the injured leg. She stretched her when he saved her life. The team also arrived in the district of Sigi Biromaru where the earthquake leveled the Church and buried under the other more than 30 young people who came to the courses Bible study.

There are many areas that suffered from the elements and remain isolated due to damaged roads and debris. In the coming days, the team’s “Operation blessing” will try to get survivors to assist them and also to tell you that there are people who care about them.

Christian humanitarian Foundation “World vision” has also arrived in Indonesia. We talked with Tim Castello, which is on Pala, about how they help victims and the impact their assistance.

“The roads in the remote villages are in ruins. They ran out of fuel. Now we are trying to deliver humanitarian aid. We handed out beds, bed, water system, sets for hygiene. But for the “World vision” it is important that stretching out a helping hand, we say, “God has not left you. The God Who showed us His love in Jesus, here,” said Tim Costello, head of the humanitarian Foundation “World vision”, Australia. — These people want to eat. They’re desperate. And when they see something more than provided physical assistance, namely, spiritual care, and they understand that control of the world is not lost. They understand that God is still on the throne we have hope and confidence. This is the Ministry.”

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