What if you could do something from her house to help this country to be transformed and return to the right path? Well, you can, too. Many Americans have already begun what may be the beginning of a Third Great Awakening in America.

Christians across America speak and write about what God wants to bring into their country a Third Great Awakening. But, according to many, it will start only when serious Christians realize their mistakes and will pray that first awakened their hearts.

“I believe that God is watching us, and think it’s essential that what decisions we will take during this period. Whether we use our faith? Whether we pray? What are we going to do?”, — said the chief editor of “Charisma” Jennifer leclaire, author of “the Next great move of God.”

And Jennifer leclaire about it not just write. Almost every day it can be found in the prayer room — immersed in prayer.

“We know that for God nothing is difficult. We know what He expects from His people, who are called by His name: that he humbled himself, repented and turned from their wicked ways,” says Jennifer leclaire.

“The people of God in America must kneel, prostrate themselves and cry out to God,” said the historian and pastor Eddie Hyatt, author of “the Legacy of American revival.”

Popular preacher Dutch sheets traveled to all fifty States and everywhere notice such a needy and desperate believers.

“Only the blind will not notice that America is in real trouble. But people praying for revival. It all starts,” says Dutch sheets, author of “an Appeal to heaven”.

“If you want to see transformation in the country, start with yourself. Therefore, we ask the Lord: “Show us Your glory, show us Thy power,” says Jennifer leclaire.

“We need “invasion” from heaven. May God descend from heaven and invaded the Earth,” says historian and pastor Eddie Hyatt.

“I ask not based on our merit. I’m asking based on the fact that God loves to save people,” says Dutch sheets.

Eddie Hyatt quotes famous colonial-era preacher Jonathan Edwards: “When God intends to do something on earth, He first encourages His people to pray about exactly what is going to do.”

But America before and during its birth much more clearly aware that there is a God and He acts. And in the war of independence it came under the flag with the inscription “Appeal to heaven”. This is a phrase used a popular political philosopher John Locke.

“Locke said, “When there is no other way, there is nothing that could be done by strength of man, then you can still go to heaven”. George Washington placed this motto on the flag,” says Dutch sheets.

It was the people, in which even the doubters in organized religion Ben Franklin stood during the constitutional Convention, deadlocked, and stated the need to humbly ask God to act. Hyatt describes it in his recent book “Faith and the vision of Benjamin Franklin.”

“Getting up, he began to exhort them and urged them to prayer, quoting Scripture,” says Eddie Hyatt.

“One thing I know for sure: there is a God in heaven, and He rules the Affairs of men and Nations. And if without His knowledge, cannot fall to the ground Sparrow, how without God’s knowledge can be a country? I propose that we turn to Him,” urges Dutch sheets.

“According to those present at the meeting felt the spirit of reconciliation. They reunited and agreed on the text of the American Constitution,” says Eddie Hyatt.

All three authors think it is important that Christians remembered and retold these stories in order to know the God who so powerfully moved in the previous revival, and can now do the same thing.

“Our testimonies about what God has done in the past, not only build our faith but, I believe, make the Lord move again. We remind Him about what He was doing,” says Jennifer leclaire.

“In certain periods of the history of this country when she was faced with great crises, God kept her, sending us a great spiritual awakening,” says Eddie Hyatt.

“For starters, look to see where God wants you to be. He will show you if you pray. By placing yourself in history, you become its owner. It makes you to grab it and be determined to do their part to see the coming of this Revival,” says Jennifer leclaire, urging everyone to be the catalyst of this great American history.

So the question to you: will you continue to sit on the sidelines, waiting for when God will bring a Third Great Awakening, or remember the main principle: “revival starts with you”?

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