Ukraine has a chance to build the Church of the twenty-first century, religious

Religious scholars Lyudmila Filipovich, Igor Kozlovsky

The modern Church in Ukraine is “archaic,” says religious scholar Lyudmila Filipovich.

Ukraine has a unique opportunity to build the Church of the twenty-first century. On 13 September at the press-conference “the State of religious freedom in Ukraine,” said head of the Department of the history of religion and practical religious studies of the Institute of philosophy. G. S. Skovoroda national Academy of Sciences Ludmila Filipovich.

“Ukraine now has a unique chance to build a new Church model, the Church of the twenty-first century,” said Filipovich.

In her opinion, the future of the Church should not resemble “an archaic, closed, monarchical structures, which originated in tomodernize and modern times.”

“Which emerged in the Russian Empire,” added fellow theologian Igor Kozlovski, who was also speaking at the press conference.

Earlier, Lyudmila Filipovich stated that “new religious movements” effective “impersonal” of Orthodoxy and are a form of spiritual quest of the Ukrainian people.

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