Ukrainian officials pointed out in their declarations of the Church and monasteries

Officials indicated in their declarations of the Church and even monastery

Specialist Gosgeokadastra declared his monastery, judge of the constitutional court, and district Deputy – their churches, the other limited chapels.

Journalists Bihus.Info who conducted the investigation, made “ranking” officials-holders of Church property in accordance with their declarations, according to “Obozrevatel”.

In the first place its “the rating” journalists put former inspector of Kharkiv customs of the SFS Irina Tobacco. “In her Declaration before you leave, you can see the unfinished chapel area of 295 sq. m. However, it is still in the ownership of the Religious management of the Kharkiv Exarchate of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and is in possession of the husband of Irina Tabaka, who is a priest”, – explained in the investigation.

Second place was taken by the state Registrar Bogorodchany village Council of Ivano-Frankivsk region Arina Grinishin, which owns 90 % of the building the entrance gate of the Dominican monastery of the EIGHTEENTH century. “The remaining 10 % belong to the head of Bohorodchany district state notary’s offices of John Wojtaszek, but he declared them as simple non-residential premises, modestly in the inventory that this is the Church,” did you find out the investigators.

In third place – leading specialist of the Main Department of Gosgeokadastr in Ternopil region Les Demitrack. In her Declaration indicated the St. Joseph area 273,7 sq. m.

Fourth place was taken by the newly appointed constitutional court judge Serhiy Holovaty: he declared the 200-meter Svyato-Pokrovskaya Church in the village of Vilshany Cherkasy region, which was built at his expense.

It is noted that rounded out the top five of the rating of the Deputy of the Nikolaev village Council of Dnipropetrovsk region and part of the Abbot of two temples Ivan Whip, which made the Declaration of the rent of the Church in the village shyroka Dacha area of 200 sq. m.

Also the temples and churches were declared by the Deputy of regional Council Starokonstantinovsky Khmelnitsky region Elena Fursova (the temple area of 175,8 sq. m), the main state inspector of the Chernivtsi customs Mikhail Moskal (unfinished chapel of 70 sq. m.), consultant of the Verkhovna Rada Elena Kozel (chapel area of 65,4 sq. m), MP Michael Pope (chapel 28 square meters) and Supreme Court judge Nicholas Lagnut (chapel area of 16 sq.m).

As reported by SPM has its own Church and the President of Petro Poroshenko. Formerly known journalist and volunteer Yury Kasyanov has published photos of the frescoes present in the home Church of the President. The frescoes depict the President of Ukraine and his family in Roman togas.

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