Ukrainian pilgrims offered prayers to St. Panteleimon on mount Athos

A procession in honor of the great Martyr Panteleimon after the divine Liturgy

In the divine services on the occasion panigiri in the monastery of St Panteleimon on mount Athos, attended the Bishop Baryshevsky Victor and numerous pilgrims from Ukraine.

Celebrations in honor of the patronal feast of the monastery of mount Athos was held in the morning and at night on 9 August, according to the “Foma in Ukraine”.

All-night vigil in honor of Panteleimon began in the monastery by the evening of 8 August, at 18:00 and lasted until 4:00 on August 9. At 6:30, after a short break, began with a festive Liturgy followed by a procession.

Solemn Liturgy in the main Cathedral of the monastery was headed by the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church, which included the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill, Bishop of Bobruisk and Bykhov Seraphim, and vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis Bishop Baryshevsky Victor (kotsaba).

Among the guests of the monastery were the abbots of the Svyatogorsk monasteries of Zographou and xenophontos archimandrites Amvrosy and Alexis.

According to the Director of the International Institute of the Athonite legacy of Sergei Shumylo participated in the celebrations among the worshippers at the services of pilgrims there were many Ukrainians.

Pilgrimage, the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church arrived in St. Panteleimon monastery on 7 August.

August 8, the hierarchs celebrated the divine Liturgy at the Holy protection Church of the convent. On the same day they visited the capital of the monastic Republic Brown she prayed before the icon of the Mother of God “Iveron”.

In the celebrations on the occasion of the patronal feast of the Athonite monastery of St. Panteleimon is traditionally attended by pilgrims from Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Serbia.

In the main Cathedral of the monastery are kept the venerable head of the great Martyr and healer Panteleimon. The Shrine was transferred to mount Athos Holy monastery panteleimonos in 1347 by the Serbian Emperor Stefan dušan in memory of the fact that it is in the Boy began the monastic life of the Primate of the Serbian Church Archbishop Sava I (Nemanich), and in gratitude for the assistance provided to the Serbian Hilandarski monastery in the year 1309. Then Panteleimonov the monastery gave shelter to the Abbot of Hilandar father Daniel, hiding from persecution of the Catalan knights. Abbot Daniel was saved. Brothers Old Boy arrested his pursuers gave their lives and of the community itself: the Catalans burned the monastery and executed the older brothers – is still in the monastery kept the arrowheads, stained with their martyred blood. The Serbian Emperor restored the monastery and gave him the relics of St. Panteleimon.

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