Unbaptized children do not chose evil, not abandoned God

Unbaptized infants will be funeral service at the Church. What does this mean for parents who failed to baptize the children, why even baptism does not guarantee that the baby will be fine, and what questions remain to the service of adults – the priest Andrey mizyuk.

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The Priest Andrey Mizyuk. Photo:Ivan Privalov / eparhia-saratov

At the meeting of the Synod, which was held on 14 July in Yekaterinburg, approved the rank of “Successor of the dead babies, not priemka grace of Holy Baptism”. On the website of the Patriarchate of the text of the following have already appeared, and in the networks, meanwhile, there is an active discussion on this, I think, important decisions for our Church.

It should be noted that, of course, we have already not pioneers, such or similar orders exist in several other local Orthodox churches, but I have to say that this is what the Synod’s decision I, as a priest, and not only I, waited a very long time.

By the way, yesterday I already wrote a friend, who learned about this rite, with the question about the possibility to make his long ago deceased infant daughter. The girl died a few days after birth. To baptize was not in time.

But what I would like to mention. The fact that this rank still, probably, do not consider it a burial service in the form in which it exists in our service as it really is. Anyway, on the topic of the concept of the funeral there is a lot of misunderstanding and even of controversial issues, which today is in dire need of discussion and clarification. With the very term “funeral service” all clear: a large part of the continuation is sung. But what’s the point, why is that?

The funeral or “the service of the dead,” as it is called in the Breviary is performed by the priest of the funeral liturgical rite, which the Church sees in the eternal life of passed away from the temporal lives of its members, prayer applying for forgiveness of sins and the repose of the heavenly Kingdom. And it is very important to understand.

This is not a private prayer, but the prayer of the whole Church, its witness of the life and death of a person, his particles, his child. Very accurately described the meaning of this rite Bishop Anthony (bloom): “Lord, this man has lived in vain. He left an example and love on the earth; the example we follow; love never dies.” Before God, proclaiming our undying love for the deceased, we contend this man is not only in time but in eternity. Our lives may be his redemption and his glory.”

Now imagine how the current situation funeral service is far from ideal, or at least that these words. That is, the funeral is – but whether they correspond to what they were conceived and composed? If a person was a part of the Church, did he participate in the Sacraments, meditating whether he is of eternal life, longed for her.

Most often, the answers to these questions, the priest comes to the funeral will never know because they are for the mouth of the one who now lies in a coffin and tell about his Christian life he can not, as to say: no, it’s not mine, I don’t want to Christ in this your Kingdom. But the priest is forced to speak and testify is unknown as like knew him intimately.

God never violates the human will cannot break the Church, but often on the basis of the fact of baptism of the deceased and requests from the relatives of the Church, however, does not make it Christian burial. Yes, on the one hand “you are welcome”, but on the other hand there is a man, his desire and will. Everything is very difficult.

And even more difficult with children who died and did not become baptized. As a priest, caring for the maternity hospital, I can say that I rush a call and request an emergency baptism, sometimes even from village nearly a hundred kilometers. And fortunately almost always have time. No, baptism can not be a guarantee that the baby will survive, I always try to tell moms often think that the baptism itself is not a panacea and instant recovery from death. But miracles still occur more frequently than disaster strikes.

And what about those who in these difficult moments in the intensive care unit was not up to thinking about being baptized or not, those who have the time for it was not at all? And still fewer know that in an emergency she can baptize the baby, sprinkling water and saying of the baptismal formula. And it turns out that from the amount of these unknowns and ignorance to the unbearable fact of death of the child added that he was not baptized, and therefore, no prayer, no remembrance, nothing. And people left alone with his bitter grief.

I will say that I have seen and comforted the parents of those children who died still baptized. And download so from an argument or some kind of accurate and effective word of comfort for them, no, it’s something they have to live and carry on, but in short words mother or father I can say that the Church in its entirety prays and shares the grief of bereaved parents is that they are not alone, that together we must pass and will pass this terrible and long road.

What is left to those who have not been and this? Canon of the Martyr Uaros, private prayer, panipenem candle on the table? This question is very long remained unresolved. And now we have the ability somehow to this page to close, and simultaneously remind myself and others that God does not deprive us of hope that the children, taken suddenly and deprived of the sacrament of baptism is not committed sins against their will and not choose evil, not abandoned God. It is our common prayer and the boldness of the Church gives us hope that the invisible for us in the ways of mercy of the Lord departed from us will not be without the divine love.

Yes, the chin is not a funeral service in the truest sense of the word, but it has words not only comfort parents, but also petitions of the Church on the future life for those crumbs. Because there was no choice in these children that they are not guilty that are unable to receive the sacrament of Baptism. And it so happens that the parents of this choice had a lot in my practice was such cases, and each of them is a bitter grief, which knows how to live and suffer. And so now, I want to believe, there is a possibility for this, and my friends to convey the news that will bring a little light in their difficult lives.

Yes, I understand that we weren’t denied the right to pray and to hope, but I would like to mention that for many, many people who wanted and did not have time to baptize their children prayer in Church, prayer in the Church could bring relief in their suffering, could become an important part of spiritual and mental therapy and adoption process experiences of loss, or at least to give at least some support in the terrible and difficult moments. Now this opportunity is. Although, of course, along with this very important decision is overdue, and many other important questions. It is possible that in some foreseeable future, and they will find their answers. I’d love to believe.

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