“Unbroken. The road to redemption”: a new film-drama about Louis Zamperini

Legendary Olympic runner Louis Zamperini survived incredible events, when he found himself in a Japanese pow camp. This story is told in the 2014 film “Unbroken”, which ends on an emotional hero’s return home. And now we find out its continuation. The new ribbon which was recently released, talks about Zamperini attempts to forget the horror and faith that saved him.

The real life story of Louis Zamperini is simply created for the film. He was an Olympic runner, world war II veteran and prisoner of war who survived captivity. His story returns to the big screen in the film “Unbroken. The road to redemption”. This long-awaited sequel to the epic war drama 2014 “Unbroken” shot of Angelina Jolie.

This movie was Harold and the gang, and producer Matthew Baer. He worked with Jolie on the first film.

“The first film was a terrible tragic story of the struggle for life. The second film tells how Louis saved his soul,” explains Harold Kronk.

“There is no man who so inspired the would like of Louis Zamperini, particularly the way in which it is presented in the film, and considering the trouble through which he passes,” said Matthew Baer, the producer of the film.

In this Chapter the audience gets acquainted with Cynthia. The war was over. Zamperini physically, he left the prison, but she remained in his mind. And this has led to serious problems between the spouses.

“Yes, Yes. Now, what is interesting in this film. In the movies, it is important to show the human element, that people can feel a connection with this because most of us don’t face, or rather has not faced any war. This movie is interesting those human experiences that everyone has in one way or another,” says actor Samuel hunt.

“They said we are at war, but I did not feel that this war. Not for me. That was before until we got placed in San Diego. One day we sailed the hospital ship with a lot of guys without arms and legs. They were crippled, blind, burned. It was then that the war became real for me” — sounds a replica of the actor from the screen.

“This is the culmination of the story of my father’s life, says Luke Zamperini son of Louis Zamperini. All that he went through earlier during the Olympics, on a raft and in the pow camp, the culmination was when he lost control of stressosome for post traumatic stress disorder, but was able to take faith in October 1949. It changed his life. This is the culmination of the story of his life.”

With old cars, like the red Ford passed the atmosphere of the forties. Young Louis Zamperini and his wife Cynthia come here in the tent, which can be seen in the distance, to hear the words young Evangelist who was not yet popular on a national scale. The role Billy Graham played his grandson will.

“I believe that God still heals the heart. I believe that God still changes lives,” he says.

“We looked at the sample and couldn’t believe my ears. He sounded exactly the same as his grandfather,” says the Director.

“I knew the story “Unbroken”, says Graham. I knew this story because my grandfather told me it. I knew the story and saw the movie. And every time I watched it — and I watched at least four times, each time crying”.

Meeting in the tent was the beginning of a lasting relationship.

“They had a real friendship. For life. Or rather, two lives. We are pleased how God has joined these two people,” says Graham.

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