Unique painting is coeval with the Novo-Tikhvin monastery passed to the abode


On July 9 at the Novo-Tikhvin monastery thanks to the assistance of Department of culture of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal district and the Department of culture of Administration of Ekaterinburg for some time has given a unique picture of the epitaph, reports a press-service of the Yekaterinburg diocese. This work is coeval with the monastery, she was almost 200 years, is celebrated in the monastery.

Picture-an epitaph written by the first sisters of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery in 1826, after the death of the founder of the monastery abbess Taisia. Interestingly, it is written on copper rare, now lost technology. The historical information that it contains are unique. In the upper part of the painting depicts one of the oldest plans of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery. Shown below are the farewell to the mother Taisiya. And between the images in the picture-epitaph placed texts that can be called a real treasure. Here are recorded the principal events of the life of the monastery, as well as “sad laments” the weeping sisters of the deceased superior, like ancient funeral hymns. It can be seen that the abbess Taisia was for the first sisters of the monastery of the beloved spiritual mother and wise mentor and fertile molitvennitsa, noted in the monastery.

For many years the picture-the epitaph was stored in the vaults of the Museum of fine arts, in the monastery she brought for the first time in nearly 100 years.

– Painting-epitaph – this is for us like a word from the first of the nuns about how they lived, what was the first mother, what love and unity reigned in the convent, – tell in a monastery. – For us it’s a big Shrine, so we put her in a temple to all the sisters and parishioners could see it with your own eyes to read the half-obliterated letters, to feel the connection with the first nuns to build the monastery. And we heartily thank the management of the Ministry of culture for this dear to our heart a gift!



Abbess Taisia – founder and first abbess of the Novo-Tikhvinsky monastery – was a man of a Holy and ascetic life, and possessed ardent faith and love for God and neighbor. She was of common blood, up to 40 years did not know letters, but was able to establish and build the first and only long time in Ekaterinburg the monastery. It is very esteemed righteous Feodor Ushakov, whom she met when she went to St. Petersburg to petition for the opening of the monastery. He, seeing her piety and strong faith, helped her to achieve the establishment of the monastery. Abbess Taisiya died on 18 Nov 1826, rests at the altar of the monastery Church in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky. Many people now come to pray at the grave of mother and receive comfort and spiritual support.

Now the picture-epitaph passed at some time in the Novo-Tikhvin monastery, located in the Cathedral in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky.

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