UOC-KP is outraged that the authorities prevent building a high-rise building on Church land

“Metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Vladislav mahkota

“Metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Vladislav mahkota dissatisfied with the protest against the construction of the buildings on the Church grounds in Khmelnytskyi and dunaivtsi.

“Bishop” of the Kiev Patriarchate said that in the Khmelnytskyi city Council to prevent the construction of the chapel of the UOC-KP on a land plot of 3000 square meters, of which the chapel will occupy a 39 sq. m. wrote About this on his page in Facebook Andrew Papuc.

Member of the Kyiv Patriarchate outraged that the city authorities want to terminate the lease of the land and to abolish the urban conditions, as in the Church grounds next to the mini-chapel to build a 10-storey residential building.

According to the author of the post, the land for the construction of the temple was the religious community, headed by the son of “Metropolitan”, also “the priest” of the UOC-KP Dmitry Makhota, and instead signed a contract with the developer-investor for the construction of apartment buildings and chapels.

“When in 2016 the locals opposed the construction of high-rise buildings in such a fraudulent manner titushky “Church” Builder beat up the lawyer, who spoke against the building,” writes Andrew Papuc.

Similar to the Scam “Metropolitan” wants to do in dunaivtsi city, where, in his words, “he found an investor, and cursed local MPs and active members of the community are opposed to residential development within the historic monument.”

Earlier in Ternopil on the land allotted to the Kyiv Patriarchate for the construction of the temple began to build a residential high-rise building under the pretext that “there is no money, decided through the sale of the apartments to get funds for the erection of Church buildings”.

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