Update: How to start the year right?

“I’ll start with Monday, next month, of the year” — we often talk to myself when I want something to drastically change in my life. In the yard in January, and most likely you have already planned to do something this year. However, in addition to attitude, it is necessary to develop new good habits that will help you to enter the same “new”. As a rule, this helps to make the desired changes. But how to do it in practice? For you we have gathered a few tips on how to start the new year right.

The first thing it starts is understanding what areas of your life need to be adjusted. Do not hurry at once to dramatically change everything. Everything happens gradually. So, prioritize your goals, and better to list them. Let them always be before my eyes.

If we talk about the most important, remember to turn to your spiritual health. Prayer should be the first item on the thing to start your day. Most believers know it, but do not. You will be surprised what changes will bring consistency in prayer and Bible reading. A minimum of 10 minutes every morning will do the trick.

Further, when you understand where you need to fill in the blanks, then select those whom you will report on their efforts. Accountability. Why is it necessary? Most likely, you will not like the fact that someone in control. But that’s the whole point. Man is so constituted that it is difficult to discipline myself. And if no one above him is not necessary, it is possible to relax, to defer until the right moment. As a result, this is the reason why many successful start, but did not succeed.

We give some examples. A person decided to do, for example, the physical form. He realizes that after many attempts, he is unlikely to do so effectively. Then he turns for help to the professional, to whom he will report about your diet, training and so on. If he does, he has to re-repeat the work. In the end, after all the work done, he will find that it comes in the form.

Accountability helps in many areas. So, basically what you need to do is negotiate with someone who won’t let you relax.

Thinking. Probably the most basic and most difficult way to change. To begin to act differently, you need to think in new ways. Again turning to the areas where you have problems, choose Scriptures from the Bible about it, or those who talk about the positive things and begin every day repeating them several times, to pray with them. Here we return to the point – “the prayer”. Because that’s where begin those changes.

Listen to the people that are in your problem areas – successful. Of course your experience is individual. But in the initial stages literally cleave unto him. Like a child who wants to learn something from their parents. Consult with them and at first start to repeat their steps. And over time you will form your individual experience. Try to make the most of your training.

Make sure you make time. May you have time when you are engaged. Even if at the beginning is a little time. Again, in the beginning it must be all the spheres immediately, but to start with a couple basic ones.

Don’t give up at the first error. Keep moving on, no matter what. Even if you understand that not really handle it, go back to your old habits, don’t despair. Because the wrong things evolved over the years, and to change them takes time – be aware of it. Don’t let the failures stop you. Just think that if you give up, everything will remain the same. Let this year be the year of real change.



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