US leaders calling for a boycott of Turkey, while Branson is still in jail

The religious leaders of the United States urge the company not to do business with Turkey, while the American pastor Andrew Brunson is still in jail. Next week Turkish and us business leaders plan to meet at the investment conference. It is expected that her will visit the President of Turkey, but religious leaders say that he cannot be trusted, while Branson is behind bars.

The U.S. Commission on international freedom wrote a letter to President Trump, expressing concern at this conference. American Evangelist Franklin Graham told CBN news that Turkey is no longer a friend of America.

“First, I would like to ask all who are here today, all Christians, to pray for the release of Andrew Branson. He put forward false accusations. This case is fabricated. He needs to come home. He did nothing wrong. We must remember that Turkey is rapidly becoming a radical Islamic state,” said Graham.

Pastor Brunson is waiting for the next court hearing 12th October. Officials hope that by that time he’ll be released. Some say the arrest of Branson is another example of the growing antagonism of the Turkish President Erdogan against the West. Many believe that he wants to return Turkey to its former glory of the Ottoman Empire.

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