On the night of April 7, 2017, the United States released on Syria 59 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” with two warships. The bombing was a response to attack Syria with chemical weapons, which killed dozens of civilians. Chief international correspondent for CBN News Gary lane will talk about the likely consequences of this event.

MAN: Gary, thank you for coming to us.

Gary lane, chief international correspondent for CBN News:
Always glad of it.

MHN: so, the USA directly intervened in the civil war in Syria. What will be the consequences?

Think of the consequences had occurred, for the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Now that he knows that Donald trump is not limited to words. So he will try not to do anything that will provoke another attack. Of course, America’s enemies or those who oppose the United States, Russia, Iran condemned the move, but the allies of America just rallied around what was made by the President, the trump, and they can be the coalition that is able to bring about Assad’s departure or at least some agreement to stop this six-year war.

MAN: by the Way, in his speech, Donald trump used a lot of religious terms: “on Tuesday, the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad carried out the horrific attack on innocent civilians with chemical weapons. No child of God should ever be subjected to such horrific suffering. We ask God for wisdom in overcoming the challenges facing us in our very troubled world. We pray for the lives of the wounded and for the souls of the dead. Good night. And God bless America and the whole world. Thank you.”
Gary, what tells us the use of these phrases by President trump?

Interesting, isn’t it? He said that no child of God should not suffer like that. Obviously, what he says sincerely. He said that he saw photos of the victims, and they touched him to the core. He considered it his moral duty to do something. This is probably based on his Judeo-Christian faith, which says you can’t stand by and just watch as evil conquers light. On the contrary, we must make sure that the light has triumphed over evil. So I think that he really considered it my duty to do something.

MAN: by the Way, the light that conquers evil. In Syria the ancient Church, it for thousands of years. How’s she doing in the midst of war?

Not good at all. The Church wounded and maimed. Many Christians have left the country. Those who remained in it, became witnesses of, how destroyed their Church and how many members of their families died at the hands of ISIS and other militants. However, some believers remained there. And they need our prayers.

MHN: Can this “remnant” of the Church to have any influence to be a light in the darkness, especially this time of year?

I know at least one Church in Aleppo, which remained in the city. Members feed people — not only Christians, but Muslims, provided them with housing and clothing, they helped and shared the gospel with them. This is a positive thing. They believe they can still be a light in the darkness.

MAN: Okay, now let’s change the subject. The Egyptian President met recently with President trump in Washington. This meeting was particularly interested in the Egyptian Coptic Christians. Why?

For two reasons. They wanted trump did the same, as we have done Egypt, you have acknowledged the “Muslim Brothers” terrorist group. This did not happen, at least not yet. In addition, they wanted to put pressure on the Egyptian President that he cared more about Christians, because, as you know, they are still subject to persecution, that is, little has changed since the “Muslim brotherhood”. But this also did not happen. Maybe they have more luck in Congress than in the White house.

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