Religious freedom is under serious threat in America. Fighters for the preservation of this law fear that it may be lost over the next five years.

You’ve probably already heard that American Christians now more than ever, under attack. But those who try to resist, argue that in fact the situation is even worse. They recently gathered in the capital to sound the alarm.

“After the Supreme court decision on same-sex marriage, the number of applications to us with requests for representation increased by more than 400%,” — says the founder of liberty Institute Kelly Shackelford.

“Our country was founded by men and women fleeing religious oppression. They came to this land escaping from what’s happening here now,” said Senator Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate from the Republican party:

Advocate for religious rights Kelly Shackelford heads the liberty Institute, which annually compiles a list of cases of manifestations of religious intolerance in America. Two years ago, it consisted of 1600 cases. According to Kelly, since that time their number increased by 133%!

At stake is much more than the religious feelings of a few disgruntled people: “the Founders of the country without reason called religious freedom our first freedom. They knew that if you lose religious freedom, you have lost and all that. So when I see the many attacks on religious freedom, it is a sign that the country is in trouble,” says Kelly Shackelford.

So run that Shackelford gives a terrible prediction: “I engaged in this issue for more than a quarter of a century. In the next five years or we lose religious freedom, or save it.”

Most of the attacks on religious freedom come from people who think Christianity is so intolerant that you want to suppress some of its manifestations. But Shackelford considers it intolerant of those who support such attacks.

“I think these expressions say about intolerance. These people do not respect religious freedom. They hope to force the authorities to force people to violate their own conscience and faith. I believe most Americans rightly believes that it is wrong,” says Kelly Shackelford.

Oddly enough, it is suppressed that, in the opinion of this Christian lawyer can save the country: “If you want to transform your country, this requires freedom of religious manifestations. When people share their truth, it changes their life and it can change the whole country”, — said the head of liberty Institute Kelly Shackelford.

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